Fujifilm X-T4 Launch, DPReview Analogue Forum and Jonas Rask


Hello everyone and welcome to this week's episode of caucus take which is my take on photography news this week. So let's begin now. It seems twenty. Twenty is all about flagship. Cameras and Fuji. Film Wasn't going to be left out so they just announced their brand new flagship hybrid. Murless camera the new x t four for those of you who might not be acquainted with the term. Hybrid Camera. It's basically a digital camera that can do both stills and video equally well and for years the top two camera lines has been the Panasonic G H series and the Sony a seven series but Fujifilm challenged their market dominance back in September of twenty eighteen by launching the now famous x t three for shooters the XY. Three was groundbreaking terms of the features. It offered seriously offers as well as still shooters but the one thing that was missing. And what the competition had already at that? Time was in body image stabilization. Well no more. The main feature of the brand new x t four is the addition of the older exit ones ibis mechanism updated of course and matched to Fujifilm's latest and greatest sensor and processor combination. It's important to note. The X T three also has the same sensor and processor combination so the image quality south dean the x t three and the X X T. Four won't be the same between these cameras but the difference is of course again. The addition of ibis but as well. There's a brand new three hundred thousand actuation shutter mechanism with magnetic springs to dampen and quite the entire shooting experience as well a brand new seven represent more capacity battery system any turbo charged firmer update. That frankly does circles around the firmer of the x t three which again shares the exact same processor as the x t four so look for a upcoming future firmer update I hope the launch price of seven hundred dollars of the four is well in line with the competition regardless of the sensor size. But what differentiates these various cameras between Fuji Film? Sony and Panasonic is the availability of excess series which includes third party cinematic lenses for which Sony and Panasonic have a much larger ecosystem of third party support however many still feel including myself. That Fuji Film Has the Best Balance of sensor size native Lens Selection and firmware. That gives equal weight to both stills and video shooters over the competition as many of you know. I work closely with Fuji Film Canada and was given an early pre-production copy to test before launch. I'll leave links in the show notes to my article on Fuji Lab as well as I do channel on my first impressions on this camera. But if you don't WanNa go there I'll just let you know my overall thoughts on the camera. So far is very positive. I mentioned this in both my video and article that this camera is what the original x h one should have been back in twenty. Eighteen Fuji Film was too anxious to release the camera the X. H. One and decided to use the aging process or pro which was the third iteration of their processor instead of waiting for the upcoming x processor for that was eventually launched. The xt three just seven months later if film decided to wait until September of two thousand eighteen to have launched the H. One at the same time as the x t three one with ibis and the one without that four hundred dollar launch priced her friends the H. One being launched in nineteen hundred dollars. Us Back in two thousand eighteen and the fifteen hundred dollar price point for the t three back in September two thousand eighteen. That difference would've made a lot more sense and I believe that the X. H. One would have become the hybrid camera choice back then right until now either way better late than ever and the exit. Three has already been an award-winning winning camera. Even without ibis. So it's not like it was a failed camera. The x three is still great. In fact there's a decent deal on the x t right now so if I this isn't your thing or you have a decent collection of stabilized lenses already. Then I would seriously consider picking up an X. T. three right now while supplies last

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