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Hilary Duff hints at Lizzie McGuire drama after Disney+ pulls 'Love, Simon' spinoff



We are finally getting some answers about what is going on with the Lizzie. Mcguire revival so this all got thrown into the news yesterday after dizzy plus moved their love Simon series. Hulu because they didn't think it was family friendly enough will. Hillary posted the news on her story and wrote sounds familiar that dot so now we know what she means. Variety is reporting that Hillary Disney are clashing over. The show's direction. Hilary wants to do a more adult version and Disney wants something closer to the original. Disney has fired. The show's creator and so far. Hillary has not commented any further. Heard it in two episodes and then yeah that's really upsetting but also don't you kind of have these conversations prior to things sort of being green lit in the show being in production with rings change? All the time shows get cancelled after pilot. All they don't go forward but this was going forward. They had ordered the series. So I feel that there was such creative differences. Those should've been ironed out before they even shot something and I think it makes sense to come back if they're gonNA Redo the revival and she's going to be thirty years old it's GonNa. It has to be different. What thirty year old is living the same as an eleven year old exactly? Yeah but that's what happens and it happens at this networks from times where you have an executive who green light something and then that executive moves on to greener pastures and then all of a sudden a new executive comes in and they have different ideas for the show. What works for them so I think what happened was maybe an executive came on. Green Love Simon on Disney was ready for it and then all of a sudden anew in came in and was like no no no. That's not what I'm looking to. Let me move this to Hulu and alleviate some of that space for some of my newer projects. I am disappointed about this Lizzie McGuire. We had Hillary Duff on the show last year she was talking about it and it seemed like such a great concept. It's you know about how the girl wakes up at thirty and realizes her life isn't where she thought it was going to be thirty. I think that's everyone right agree with everyone. Woke up at thirty was like really thought this would be happening or this would be happening and we were GonNa Watch her. Go through that to me. That super interesting I mean did juices. Let's find another show runner. Who could potentially come in and figure out what you want and what I want needs needs to move to who just needs to Bergen also. It sounds like Hillary the creator of the original Creator. We're on the same page. Yeah and I think she probably wants that person to still be around. So yeah I I. Yeah but I think they should just have that person back to the show with Hillary and move it to Hulu so they can do the show that they

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