Former White House doctor Ronny Jackson says he helped improve President Trump's diet


That the White House Dr the medical doctor in charge of your politics aside but yeah in charge of president trump's diet and exercise how do you start incorporating cauliflower into president trump's mashed potatoes and also had to stop making ice cream accessible to one four hours a day seven days a week because it was becoming a very very unhealthy thing and also the exercise routine or that that that what they wanted to implement with president trump quote didn't go as planned I want to work I can't see him exercise by the way the cauliflower though it is good the for the first time it seems to be more popular if it tastes like mashed potatoes but if you know if I was gonna be out there and they weren't even going straight mashed cauliflower pretending like it was mashed potatoes they were just putting a little bit cauliflower in the mashed potatoes to supplement but is not good for you if you're eating a lot of starch and that's all you're eating your part in a self not terrible but but also pride easy thing to sneak some veggies and also that we keep you're not just eating mashed potatoes by themselves you're eating with the butter and the gravy and rice or whatever it is that's a good but it made us wonder if you were the president of the United States and you wanted to have a snack one snack in the kitchen at the white house twenty four hours a day seven days a week it must be there you know that anytime you walk into the kitchen it better be there well snack be are harder to just pick one one one and by the way when president trump became president the report is he demanded that the kitchen have Nacho cheese Doritos all the time a little acts of them we can go get him any time now stop for me also like steak and baked potato and a dying sick Donald yeah Erica cul de right right yep help yep yeah Americans deserve you the things that you only get one for me it is not just a snickers bar what was the cause bar that is in the

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