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Josh Taylor Links Up With Ben Davison After McGuigan Split


Take a call off. Imagine this week for Especially very pleased to welcome to the show. Just could thank you yet we give. Thanks for joining like price-fixing more this is about. We're not seeing you guys phones. Justin comes first because you've adds an amazing eighteen months class equation for. Why did you leave safe home? Promotion Day just. They actually going to do that yet. My first congratulations on amazing. Twelve months you sit in the unified. Wbrc F ring magazine Super Low in the world. I imagine that still a bit weird area sounds good for years. Since oh boy dreaming become chopping. Never for a minute margin that'd be unified in Ring Ring magazine a something. Just dreams of dreams come true but I never met for rain magazine. World champion the rocky. Bill uncle is just amazing. Everybody of Bell. It's just been like superstars of this book. You know not just from prison in Scotland Jo. Say is crazy. Yeah ever start. They're like you've added. Obviously. Don't concedes things that happened outside the ring of Split with Wiggins Cam but the show has to go on and oversee you have responsibilities multiple belt holder one of them being humanitary challenges and from the touristy strict on those you've been ordered by the bathroom ready to defend the thing so they was pressuring you regardless of of the split actually find a China but general new maneuver was WANNA go anywhere. How to for a long time and a new team? That was going to be leaving Shane. Mcguigan jus just was very unhappy. First choice was so an. We've come over one hundred weeks trial and a and Dubai enough. The second session was fluent. You know just can click new. Wanted to to go stray away but in a book and a week rather than other booth as well with what to do to make up their name. After about Bannon I come here. I just think in the spelt just jail. Because obviously trains Billie Joe Israel on La Custodial his speed and combination and food work. You know so. I thought it'd be a good match up and feel comfortable in annex eight further. She hopes I was glad. You Want Obama. Wilton it over the of the war you were going to go to Uber doing recession with with autumn trial as well. I just think that ban status John is more suited. Do not take anything away from on Burke's coach but a lot of failures have a certain standard yeah. I don't think you'd better. Yeah but I'm not no automatic coaches. Well it was. It was very good. I haven't been seeing similar things you need to do. A Walk Cohen again was sort of shoulder stale. And it just wasn't my style until you go rape a couple of teams a job and stuff fell real good but just two different from Aachen and style and billy Joel and South Pole and seeking combination fast punches with good feet walk so under the weakening going to stay in the second week. I'm going to train here. This is what I'm going to go. We'll Ben Weapons. Take out. Congratulations on this new partnership. Also want to say a big congratulations for the weekend. Because of course you're in the Corden last by that but I think anybody watching these knows anything about. Boxing understands the totally invaluable contribution that you made progress and twice in achieved on Saturday night and so low you for from us. Congratulations must be a great fien. Yeah of course you know tossing a fringe as well when Keep putting these right because it does simply bow down to that just because I'm not financially benefiting from a situation doesn't mean he's not my friend anymore. I've always the French. It was completely fake. And of course I wanted to win an annuity to do good number because fame to be able to do what he done. That tops fifty percent in the I knew it was gonna be. What are they now? He's going to be as dominant as that news going to dominate and get good win. We'll come on to that because I know you toss fury fantasy. We'll come into the fight. Second offer the show for those of you watching and listening. We don't often hear about the side of the train is experienced. When there's a split with the fights over they retire or whether you part ways Tyson. Speaking stay co about the void that was left when Belgium hung them up last year. And how that's been a big adjustment period for him over the last twelve months for you. Obviously we've talked for years and years and years but journey was so intense and so hands on and so committed from both of your sides that when that comes through in our magin takes a bit of adjusting for us. Well Yeah of course. She knows it was a twenty four seven job literally twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year so it took up a Omar. Tom The last couple of years and I was walking again. We believe in being contacted about the judge situation as well and it was. Actually that wasn't nice to part ways we talked and it was nice to have a little bit of towns myself over the Christmas period as well because for the last three years. Christmas is both days all of that of always been away so it was Nice Avenue bad time to myself as well call you know yourself. You're in a similar situation to Josh where he left the train. But you're the peak of your career. So uconn yeah. We see prospects changing coaches nearly stages of their careers trying to work out. What's best for them? But at this stage of your career when you're changing trainers there's very low margin for error because you're essentially going into big fight off the big fight. There's no easy ones from from this point and the stakes. Obviously a high they she if you particularly and I know you had the same when you left and found. Jamie more you have to fit that has to be has to be someone that you work well with and you agree with their methods and their approach to Faden and the approach they take to fight and training camps and everything else and even just as well so I had a few trainers in mind when I when I joined Jimmy Mira when I left the mcguigan. Sorry Jimmy was the first one that I want on. It just felt a real quick and someone. I didn't do the Josh John Was. He went to show morale's I really. I felt like a fitted in well not jim elect. Jimmy was saying and that was enough for me maybe another two or three guys and manned and everything's a lot of contacting a member of the thing that just just well Jimmy. You obviously need that time to Joe did you. Fought for the Horatio Garcia. I'll say the thing short camp and the approach gender did for a faith and I had six weeks and it wasn't like wasn't forced and the woman felt like the right decision for me to make but it was fast approaching my return defect and again. I knew I needed a coach as well so it was kind of half blood that he was the first guy. Because maybe if I'd have went with someone else with a short space of time I made a one of them because I was getting close. The approaching afraid of in my head. Peter has one solace was one because he was given. Hey and autumn booth was in my head as well as a potential trainer but gave me was the first one to. I'm glad that by the time he then had to build towards the thought. You need that nine months together to Joe was a pairing the two big Of You guys will have the same thing when you come to. Maybe that fight with Ramirez. If he's later this year were next year so in it in a sense. Who's this happened? On some of that you've been mandated for these fights. The ones that you want to have as your first one together. Because you don't really ben one walk into a fight with Joseph Ramirez after you know working with someone for for fourteen sixteen weeks yet your son degree but I feel like she's a similar character to us. Latino Arkansas of quickly understand what type of person he is emotionally how he's mentally and you can see in the build up to previous fought speak fuzzy's had how approaches those flights in that mine and stylistically. I understanding on the standard shrimps on the season. He's the level of far to where you can make adjustments. And of course you can improve them. I do believe even without those adjustments. He's good enough to beat Ramirez in my opinion. Okay but I mean the criticism that you had when you first came on the scene was always baseness your age and your relative inexperience coach and obviously ninety nine percent of thousands. Of course after that I say while to fight for you was the way the Ben led the corner that night and the call. Mri showed on the the highest lakes possible. Was that one of the things that made you think he could guide meter in these big before. It was so a clips trained Tyson. An over the belly. Joe's will stay there. Were walking on the combinations of movement head movement and the speed and the feet were really similar that we can boxing can train. You know. So he's going to move up. Can I WANNA go with an officer? The Way Komo boat and then you hear his vase in the corner breaks the FE and just this knowledge of this book is broken these on the twenty seven. Yeah SMARTS WAY I. How actually apologized when he billy Joel was an was fighting. Someone in eastern. And you're in the corner and it was the first real appearance from you. Remember thinking it was a bad reform from billy Joel but remember thinking urgency in the corner but enhance sake. We nine Billie Joe wasn't fed and there was no word because every fucking if you'd have been too on top on the corner of Blue Gosden. Yeah you may have lost a fake. I have apologize for for what would be joe quite a few years before that and new obviously spend that training camp with him along with Jimmy Tibbs couple of weeks before five ways we Jimmy and I knew what was in the tank and I knew that we had to efficient in getting around management was very in Poland. Now what might be Joe take some out take and I know what doesn't so I knew when to push him on because the bill judge J fogg told him you'll stay around he was gonNA thank you ever to win the next round. We couldn't afford to do that. She was just about around. I think people always associate age of experience but I was lucky enough to spend time around people Jimmy Tubes and very knowledgeable guys which I gained a hell of a lot from a non round management. They something picks up from Jimmy tibbs unquote. That's the best about will the faces a new face on the managing high profile fights is that had it been Jimmy Tibbs in the corner. People would've assumed they obviously there's something going on with because it's you the first people reach for is does this guy know is doing and they look at your age and then say that's the about faces of training. I would like to think the performances in the corner over the last couple of years of giving people realize the what you're about the same as forty one performance and people jump on until fully. Understand that it's the same for everybody and anybody in high high profile situation. There's going to be downstairs. This'll your options for this year. And so this apponaug on some who's been mandated by the whole hangs told me there's there's no much online a couple of eight and it's only a few Ranjha so it does vary toll but it looks like he punched his heart but very wailed in so it raw keith. My on the ball. Nothing I don't think I can handle and I'm sure we'll get him and it's GonNa be if Shedu lineup is going to potentially a week or two before Pasta and Ramirez do you think about what's Outgo. Yeah it'd be for going and build for Boeing and I am to life and then pick up tips and hopefully put myself a fight after the end result and get myself a fight for their unification of the belts. It's good to be there as well as trying to make and just to be present. Boca players and people started talking about the more that Josh and say. I don't even know manufacturer with Sixteen Sixteen years. He's been completely undisputed author. Maybe a teen fakes. Yeah on real. It will take a little bit affirm- playing out. Because they're oversee mandate she's on both sides. Wbz will be cool next the winner of Possum Ramirez the WBO. I think we'll be called. Tau Closest amount in your Camp Castro. Do feel like he's been mandatory since time began and he's been waiting very patiently for quite recently sunny front war and said in an interview that John Wooden necessarily step aside. Fay So would mean that. Potentially you'd have to face. He would have faced winner. Puzzle Ramirez Wbai Mandatory. Which could be Whitson? If you Kinda plan this out and you're listening to oversee. Ideally I'd WanNa go forth Ramirez fake and obviously Kado take a step back and make the shot for all the marbles but please you know Jack Jack. Idaho's wait that long thing for today's short has been mandatory for a good while. No so is Joe. Short so happens I then so be it. They don't have to Ma other mandatory against a written or someone you know so I'm about what we goes day. I'm confident in every single.

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Josh Taylor Links Up With Ben Davison After McGuigan Split

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