Will Arnett - burst 46


Ever when she picked him in his parents house and then blanked realized it was also her parents house. That would be a terrible day but in fact what happened to this woman is that she was tricked into being her dates getaway driver after he robbed a bank as if picking up the man at his parents wasn't enough of a red flag on the way to dinner. He asked her to stop by a bank and then a few minutes later ran back into the car with thousand dollars of stolen cash and told her to step on it. The woman who admits she should have expected this. They originally matched on tinder because they shared similar interests. Fine dining long walks on the beach waving a gun in the air while shouting everyone get on the ground now bill. Did Luke do well enough to win? Well he did well. He got five right ten more points total of thirteen but that means rocks. Is this week's Winter. We are not a comeback story in just a minute. We'll ask our panelists to predict after the new golden

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