San Francisco ramping up effort to track every COVID-19 case and contact


San Francisco city officials are taking measures to repair this city for a win coronavirus restrictions are lifted including a new program for testing and contact tracking but the city is also facing criticism for their handling of the homeless population during the crisis K. because the woman is reports city officials in the new program for contact tracing will identify people who might have come into contact with an infected person the program is a partnership between the department of public health UCSF and the software company DiMaggio director of the department of public health grant Colfax is this program will be essential when the ultimately left the shelter in place orders and moved to a new phase of fighting the pandemic San Francisco's innovative new program will engage with individuals who test positive for covered nineteen to identify their recent close contacts specially trained outreach workers will then follow up remotely by phone or text with any individuals who may have been in contact with the covert positive patient these conversations will be voluntary confidential and culturally and linguistically appropriate city officials also gave an update on plans for housing vulnerable homeless people in hotel rooms the city is focusing on those who are coping nineteen positive or under investigation for having the virus those over sixty and we have underlying health conditions they now have placed a hundred and seventy four individuals in hotel rooms for homeless individuals that don't belong in these categories they plan to continue to reinforce social distancing and hygiene protocols in homeless shelters but San Francisco supervisors disagree with the city's response the unanimously approved an ordinance on Tuesday directing the mayor to procure eight thousand two hundred and fifty hotel rooms for homeless people and first responders night April twenty sixth the move follows a corona virus outbreak at a shelter the infected ninety two homeless people intend shelter staff in what's being called the largest homeless corona virus outbreak in the country supervisors say they've been warning for weeks that shelters would be a breeding ground for cove in nineteen and the mayor's office was moving too slowly making an outbreak unavoidable your supervisor Hillary Ronen saving lives matters more we can rebuild our economy over time but stating lives means more we have simply not done that pretty and house population we have not gone all out we have not used those rooms than there has not used her power to commandeer which is now a public memo from the city attorney's office giving her that power we have not needed a fiscal priority that we want to save those lives just as much as we want to save our own and it's time to make that clear statement not with the resolution like we did last week but with the binding law Maryland every double down her response arguing it is not that easy to put that many homeless individuals and hotel rooms giving that many deal with mental illness and substance issues and needs for cevik resources it's not easy and if it were that easy we would have done it a long time ago and other major cities in this country would have done the same thing we are we have moved faster and further along than almost any other major city in the country as a relates to housing are on house population over seven hundred people have been house out of our shelters and counting so I'm really proud of the work that they continue to do what I like to do more yes I'd like to do more what I like to open up eight thousand nine thousand ten thousand hotel rooms of course who wouldn't but that is not the reality of what we as a city can do the mayor's administration have been working to obtain a total of seven thousand hotel rooms the ordinance ups the ante it says seven thousand rooms should be allocated for homeless people five hundred rooms for discharged hospital patients who have no place else to quarantine and seven hundred and fifty for frontline workers who can't commute large distances or who fear infecting their

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