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Harvard virus expert: Lack of nasal swabs is one reason economy is shut down - burst 12


On. We've talked about the possibilities of working remotely Congress. Obviously it's not envisioned in the constitution. Speaker is on and said you know we can't just have Zuma. Congress is a little more complicated that today the rules committee. You'd mentioned that Jim uncovered in the rules. Committee was going to be issuing some guidelines on that in which he appears to contemplate some ways of doing some work remotely at least at least provisionally. Where where are you in the caucus on that right? Jim McGovern Chair of the Rules Committee presented today along with Zoe. Lofgren are the chair of the House Administration Committee. Both of them have been working hard In this current context to try to make sure that we can adapt but do it in a secure way that brings to life our democracy. And so what Jim McGovern has proposed and I think it has strong support within the caucus is remote voting via proxy that those who can make it to Washington can make it in voltage traditional way. Those who be able to allocate their proxy and specifically indicate how they

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