Astros Scandal: MLB's Nightmare Continues



You've been up in the northeast all winner in near thirty degrees to come down here in the first days of Spring and you already getting seventy five eighty and muggy. It's very different but you know hot not only with the weather but also with the players who well let's get into that Are you covering baseball a long time? Have you ever seen anything like we've witnessed over the last week? Absolutely not look. I mean the early days of spring training are usually about. Who's in good shape who worked? What pitch they worked on during the winter and here it's just flame-throwing. I know personally. I lost respect for those guys. Everyone in the show in the big leagues lost respect for those guys day after day after day of players being critical. But the part. That's so different is the peer to peer stuff. It's damaging to baseball. I feel like every single guy over. There needs a beating even through the steroid era. You didn't see this. Collective anger aimed at one group of players. The way we've seen other players so angry with the Houston Astros. They're angry at the Astros. And they're also angry at commissioner rob Manfred who stepped in it. I think it's fair to say on Sunday at his first press conference of Spring Training when he said the idea of an asterisk or asking for a piece of metal back seems a futile act. Justin Turner on the dodgers was not pleased. You know calling the world series trophy piece of metal. I mean I don't know if there's ever won anything in his life. Maybe he hasn't but the reason every guys in this room the reason every guy is working out all off season and showing up to camp early and putting it all the time. Effort is specifically for that trophy. I think we're used to seeing the likes of this directed towards the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell but before now Manfred laid pretty low. How has he generally been perceived by the players in the past well? There's no doubt that generally speaking that the relationship between players and Major League baseball is at its worst. I think in like twenty five years. You know what happened in the last time. The CBA was negotiated. Was the owners absolutely routed? The players in those talks getting a lot of advantages financial advantages taking a lot of the high ground that the players had owned the past and the last couple of years. We've seen that play out. In Free Agency. In veteran players have felt like that when they reach free agency. They're not getting as much money as they should have. So that's sort of been percolating the last couple of years and then when you have robbed make the comments that he he. He's made about the Astros in his handling of that case I think all that anger and it was built upon so he made the comment at the beginning of the week. What is he said since then? Well he acknowledged. He met with reporters on Tuesday night that he was mistaken in what he said. I referred to the World Series Trophy in a disrespectful way. And I want to apologize for that. There's no excuse for it I made a mistake. I was trying to make a point but I should have made it in a more effective way and again I want to apologize for it. Actually think that this was an important first step because he's made a lot of mistakes in this like the fact that in two thousand seventeen when you had the apple watch situation between the RED SOX and Yankees. He missed an opportunity at that time to draw a line in the sand to make it clear to everybody. Look Science. Stealing using electronics is not going to be accepted. He didn't do it in seventeen he didn't do it in eighteen. And let's face it when you listen to the players. Their anger over the fact that members the Astra's weren't disciplined that's viewed as another mistake. So I thought it was important for rob finally to acknowledge that. He's made mistakes. During this process. The players seem to have a problem with the fact that the astros players were given immunity a couple of days ago. Mike Trout said I don't agree with the the punishments you know the players not You know getting anything you know. There was a player driven You know thing cheat like that and not get anything it's it's It's sad to see which is remarkable buster because it's probably the most interesting thing might drive as every said about something other than the weather but it seems to be the way a lot of players feel why didn't Manfred punish them. Rob was in a position where this is not like the AA where you know the the head of the lake and come in and basically threaten players into cooperation. Major League baseball players are represented by the Union and so as they began this negotiation if they had simply gone in and told the players. Look we're coming you get the information. It would have been easy for the players to lawyer up and for a lot of the answers to Major League baseball to be along the lines of. I don't recall or I didn't hear that banging of the trash can and there's not really any way to challenge that and it would have been much more difficult for them to establish information if you remember fourteen years ago. George Mitchell was commissioned by Bud Selig to investigate the steroid era. He had no cooperation with the players because of the position of the Union. And I think that Manfred may have had the same situation if he hadn't given the players immunity. I think one thing to baseball looked at was boy we have litigation arbitration playing over the whole summer. At least this is one way to get to the truth quickly. Established what happened and try to put this in a rear view mirror. That clearly has not been as simple as they as they anticipated. Manfred has suggested that the players could have filed grievances because the Astros General Manager never sent along the rules. And I put the clubs on notice as to what exactly the rules were and how they were going to be treated going forward among the other failures of that organization. That information never made its way to the players. I was awesome. Well they just didn't do it. If we had disciplined the players in all likelihood we were GONNA have grievances and grievances that we were going to lose on the basis that we never properly inform them the rule so given those two. That's exactly right and that's sort of a classic thing because if you remember when Aj hinch the Astros manager did his interview with. Tom Produce one of the questions asked him was. Did Jeff Luneau tell you about this memo and Aj's answered very initially. No HE DIDN'T. The players could have done the same thing. Now you and I know from a point of view of common sense. That's kind of absurd because when the red sox apple watch thing happened in September two thousand seventeen that was out there like it was very public in disgust. That rob Manfred had come down with discipline and in warned. Everybody don't participate in this but again we're into lawyer speak now where well was they actually told specifically that. I wasn't allowed to do a B and C. No I wasn't I don't recall and would have been a morass rob's been commissioner now for five years buster. Is there any chance. He doesn't survive this no he. He's totally fine because of how much money they're making. I mentioned the two thousand sixteen collective bargaining agreement. How they were such an advantageous position when it comes to things like the luxury tax and they're making money hand over fist and for that reason he's fine. When people think about the commissioner I think casual fans will look at them as being the representative of the sport and representing the interests of fans and players and teams know. He's a team employee. He works for the owners and he's been doing a great job at making the owners a lot of money. He's on very solid ground

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