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Hellboy talk with Tim


Are seeing more of change. I think in response to books like Hell Boyer Black Hammer. Where because there is a firm time line and things are happening characters have to react to the things that are happening even if they don't have full context for what's happening so that's what you like about hell boy be. Pr General. Think helpful like you said Houston's Gone Yeah Houston's gone what are you GonNa do hell boy died? What are we going to do? And that's another thing stopped me please. If I'm going off the rails in the world of hell boy. Bpd WHAT HAVE YOU? Death is final unless it isn't and what I mean by that is when like okay but speculate for just a second over. I'm going to spoil recent events in Batman that's okay. I'll put spoiler at the beginning. The Alfred was killed by Bain in Batman a couple months ago Alfred. Dying is a huge deal. It's a very good story. I'll be really hard pressed to say in five years. We're not going to have comics with Alfred. M I think we'll see Alfred Comeback in the hell boy world if there was a a character analogous to Alfred. If he died he'd be dead. There's only been three characters I can think of who haven't stayed dead One of them is Huma Hunky list which is hard work as say I can read it forever. A monkey lists named Roger. Who's liveability is questionable? At best the other two and I could be wrong as well like I'm not concrete giving you information but This based off the best of my recollection the the other two characters would be Rasputin. Who is the main villain and Hell boy himself and when hell boy is brought back it's not his choice. There was There was a thing that I want to say. Scott Allie who was an editor and a writer on BP said is If he said death is final and things will break and if things are repaired they will still remain broken. So if you like break glass table you can put that glass table back together. It's not going to be as strong as it was. And that's kind of a tenant and B P R D if we're gonNA break it we can put it back together but it's not gonna be the same as a storyteller in a fan of of character the way hell boy and it's related books handle stakes is so it's so unlike anything else you're gonNA find in modern pop culture and he loves. Mike loves the supernatural world. Because I hadn't read hell boy before but I read Joe Gholam which is one of my aches works and it has a very supernatural tinder taste to it for lack of a better word but he really loves that supernatural world when I was reading up about how he came up with hell boy and the Supernatural. In general he started. Reading Brahms stroker's Dracula and just got sucked into the all. The supernatural world and missed. Go along with that and even see that. In Gotham by gaslight. Yeah I think that's where he got a lot of this inspiration because like you said. Eprdf just kind of a supernatural monster story arc on each in how he tries to solve this mystery so to speak. But I really like those like you said the BP because they're short. In general. At least the ones I read are fairly short. They're kind of wins a call because they take place in the past share. Well it's it's interesting because Mike men ULA has trusted so many people with his world. Geoff Johns has written for PR. D- we've got Chris. Roberson does a lot of stuff Scott. Allie Gabriel Bah and Fabio Moon. Who ARE TWINS? They've done some work on a book called. B P R D vampire. Let's just phenomenal. It's so good Abe Sapien had his own series for awhile and there were another set of twins that were working on the art in that and their names escape me off hand but pitch perfect. They're wonderful the those twin they're now working on Lucifer for DC like the the Black Label Sandman books but It's just so good There's a horror comic called Herro county that's written by. Cullen Bunn the art and that is done by Tyler Crook and there was a tiny little bit of animosity because Tyler Crook was the second main artists on E. P. R. D. And when he went over to do Harrow County kind of left He left the crew in a bit of a bind and everybody was a little upset but also he's doing the work of his career on. Harrow. County That's how we got Lawrence Campbell as the main artist on be prd through throughout the run of like hell boy traditionally the art in that is either Mike Minneola or Mike. Minneola esque yes. There's a there's a very good so pretty still pretty rough so to speak but it I think it fits in his universe. Yeah it absolutely does. If we're not getting Mike Manolo. We're getting somebody like Dunkin for Griego who has a very manolas style over. Mvp what we got was a completely different visual. Take and we had guy. Davis was the main artist for play frogs. Hell on earth. We saw Tyler Crook and then going into the devil you know we had Lawrence Campbell. And they bright. They brought a very interesting like real world. Visual take on what Mike Minneola drew as more than esoteric stylized monster world and just like injected it with like this fierce ground level realistic take in it so to to see how Lake Dunkin for draws Abe sapien versus how Mike Minneola draws EP and versus. How Tyler Crook Draws Abe sapien versus? It's so it should not narrative Lee speaking work. It shouldn't do it Michael did a whole issue of of that. We have a painted issues that are done by just masters of their art. And it's it's so wonderful and and just the fact that you can have these visual styles who divorced from divorce from the words divorce from the writing you would never know that just because this character looks a little more cheesy in. This character. Looks a little more realistic. There is no. There's no what if in the hell boy universe whenever you read a story As far as the comics the short stories are a little different. There's pros and all that but we're talking about the comics there's not Lak- what if Abe Sapien was fighting in World War. Two like it's there's none of that every everything you read actually happens To those characters in the world of hell boy and having such unique creative voices all working in tandem to tell this one epic it should not by any right work and if it does work it should not work nearly as well as this does and it is so much fun it does. It's a fun a fun book. Speaking of you talked about Abe Sapien. What is your favorite character from hell boy? Do you bomb or is it a cop out answer cop out answer and then maybe might cop out. Answer is Every every major comic book company I believe has a trinity of some kind so. Dc Has Batman. Wonder Woman Superman Marvel's got Captain America. Thor and iron man You could argue. That image has spawned in which blade and someone else that I can't think of offhand For Hell boy it's definitely you've got an expansive universe of characters but it comes down to Abe Liz in hell boy and if I get one of those three I'm going to have a good time and be in for completely different reasons there so three very different characters In the in the Gemmell del Toro movies. They had a romance between. Liz and hell boy does not exist in the comics. That's not a thing If anything Liz and Abe kind of have an unspoken thing that nobody ever acts on and that's kind of cool because you've got fire and water and that's like a neat neat thing like that. Yeah it's really fun. But if you were like gun to my head me pick a character man. It's GonNa be a tie between it's GonNa be a tie between Captain Daimyo from be PRD. Who is in the newest? Hell boy movie. He's the the wear Jaguar. I love him or Johann Johann Krauss whose an echo plasma ghost in a in a sealed suit don't make can't choose between those two a close honorable mention would be roger but I can live without roger it's fine but But no I love and that goes to the military guy in me I love. Diageo is a traditional military guy and he is just he's hired basically to militarize the PRD and get them to work as a cohesive unit and he just comes in and he's like all right. Look I'm done I'm done like I cannot handle. Whatever it is you guys are doing. I need you all. Just cut your drama. And let's do this. And he just has no time for any of the. He's he's not ignorant to the fact that he's working with monsters he's he gets to the point where he's like. I don't care that you're monsters. We have work to do. And I absolutely love that. And then Johann who was voiced by Seth McFarland and the second held boy movie the The Golden Army In the comics he is so flawed that he is. He's the most fun to read. Because you you just like him you just like him and he makes some really dumb stupid mistakes but they're mistakes that you could see yourself making and you see some emphasis me speaking of myself when I say you but I see so much of myself in him that when he makes a mistake. I'm like own own. No real world content is one hundred percent what I would do and we would all be in so much trouble So I absolutely adore the dichotomy of those two and they don't get a wall but No it's my it's A. It's a complete cop-out I answered it twice with no actual answer. That's okay. I like the fact that like you said it is kind of whimsical. Boys Got A. Would you say it dry sense of humor? I would say Ri- I think is is not so much dry it's like. He knows he knows what he's just so he's just kind of he's perpetually forty and he could you imagine being being against. I'm in my late thirties. Man If you just I would be unstoppable if I had energy and I see hell boy as just perpetually old enough to know better young enough to not care and he kind of can get away with

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