Race for No. 1 pick in 2020 NFL Draft: Joe Burrow to the Bengals becomes the trendy pick


I just don't think that Joe burrow necessarily says the things that he said being a little wishy washy about committed the bangles before this and that all goes away because of the scouting combine his want to throw gasoline on the fire eight maybe he again maybe he wants to challenge we had Carson Palmer on the show radio row Superbowl week he said I was gonna get drafted number one overall people told me don't go to the bangles there losing organization I said I've got I'm good enough to change it there he said look looking back there was a youthful arrogance about me I thought I could change it I realized I learned I could not so perhaps Joe burrows in the same boat but perhaps Schober also is getting other information or other direction from his father his dad played professional football his dad played football in the CFL his dad has been a football dad it's distinctly possible is dad knowing the ins and out of an NFL career or a pro football career says you know what you don't want to go to the bangles and let's get you somewhere else which is exactly what Archie manning did so this is no slam against Bengals fans of this city of Cincinnati you know they're no worse or better this is no worse or better than many other cities in the NFL this is simply about can you trust the ownership namely Mike brown to support you to build a winner Joe burrow is the best quarterback in this draft by a long shot he's the best player because the numbers he put up last year he's also the best back because of two ways injury Joe burrow in a quarterback league is the best quarterback in this year's draft so you know he's got some leverage there and does he have faith that Mike brown who is renowned in the NFL as a cheapskate does he have the faith that Michael brown will do enough that we had to go on the show late last week and he absolutely was adamant that the idea the narrative that the Bengals don't wanna win is silly just look at the playoff berths that they made the playoffs seven times under Marvin Lewis and that if you make the playoffs that many times and you draft as well as they do which they do draft very well then you shouldn't be criticized for not trying to

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