Boston: Student-Athletes Among 50+ at Underage Drinking Party in Braintree


The the party party in in Braintree Braintree is is now now over over and and it's it's now now under under the the microscope microscope to to W. W. B. B. C.'s C.'s Chris Chris fama fama is is in in Braintree Braintree this this morning morning and and joins joins us us now now Chris Chris no no arrests arrests yet yet from from this this party party but there may be some punishments very true and you have about fifteen kids were busted according to Braintree police they were either high school age to underrate under age reading young adults maybe college students are folks who have graduated high school was a breach of please right now doing with their investigation is seeing if any of the activities that took place at that party on L. B. drive but short wait from where I am right now Braintree high school violated the state's social host laws now that is the case then there are more penalties they can't be doled out including a criminal penalty of up to a two thousand dollar fine or Yellen jail or both no that's not it either some of the students here Braintree high school a report was sent off over the high school that's part of the town laws here as the students that were at that party if it is determined that they were either in the presence of drinking or drugs or tobacco or if they find that they were using that and there was quite a bit of evidence at the scene of the party to clear the front lawn when police arrived at that scene last week during school vacation week then they could be forced to sit out activities be it sports clubs anything involved proms dances for up to three weeks if it is determined that they were indeed partaking in what has turned out to be well I'm sure a lot bigger deal than the kids thought when they got ready to show up that afternoon

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