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AP-NORC Poll: Democrats feel mixed about nomination process

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In addition the governor has directed the ABC to allow restaurants to sell mixed beverages through take out

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The hunt for the democratic party's presidential nomination today I am announcing the suspension

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A new Associated Press NO R. C. center for public affairs research poll finds democratic voters expressing generally positive views about all of the party's top presidential candidates the poll finds Bernie Sanders gets the highest ratings nationally seventy four percent of democratic voters surveyed say they have a favorable opinion of the Vermont senator former vice president Joe Biden get sixty seven percent favorable senator Elizabeth Warren sixty four percent and fifty eight percent for former south bend Indiana Merope but a judge about half expressed favorable opinions of billionaire Mike Bloomberg and senator Amy Klobuchar and nearly forty percent for billionaire Tom Steiner of those candidates with the lower numbers many respondents said they simply didn't know enough about them to have an opinion meanwhile about twenty percent expressed negative opinions up Biden Bloomberg Warren and Sanders Ben Thomas Washington