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What have we can make every single problem that you ever encounter. Just not happen and if it does is it just goes away just like that. Everything is easier. You see the world in a whole different light that we could do that today with a little bit of what we call reframing a little different way of thinking about things and we'll do that on today show it is the daily boost from motivation move dot coms and two thousand and such a long time ago two thousand five two thousand six time ago. Three thousand five hundred seventeen episodes with one mission in mind how to help you stand up. Take a step and repeat the world's simple success recipe. How do you do that every single day? No matter what gets in the way even if it's you and let me tell you a Lotta Times. It's us to get in the way of herself right. And that's what we want to do because when you have an idea when you have an ambition and desire when you've decided that whatever it happens to be for just to stay motivated again inspired come up. Maybe changed jobs or write a book or meet somebody new whenever it is is always going to be a bit of a challenge and sometimes it's pulling away from the older stuff no matter what it is we can get around it over through it and sometimes we'll all get together in one big team and blow it up and be happy and just build a new road for that's all there is to it. How are you my name is Scott? Smith I'm the founder and the chief motivating officer here at motivation move dot com a fun week. I know a vacation week to a lot of Sir came out of Valentine's and they went into president's weekend into it's busy around here with Daytona. Five hundred but Eventually eventually after you get in having all that fun we're GONNA come back in here and get some stuff done okay. 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You could start a right now so let me ask you a question. I'm just going to get to the point here. Okay just get right into it. How do you view the world? Happy People view the world differently than can I say unhappy people. How do you view the world you can have every single day? Go Party or you. Positively person where it's just nothing but positively and it's not working out for you see you think it should be like this but you look at their and it's not that way and that in your every single day if I push more positively in the world is going to be that way and I think that might be true as well too long haul on that one I have to say is a challenge out there right now but but but yeah. It's we have to have that. Are you grow person? Do you do say everything's run. A non optimistic person fee will about negative person. How do you view the world I will tell you this people are generally happy have really rewire themself? Say See the world as it is and I've had this skill set in my brain for a long time and I do believe it's a skill set because I was confused back in the day and I think alert a skill set to see the world for what it is and still Kinda do capacity to see differently to make differently than that. We're longtime a long time ago when I when I decided to come out of high school if you knew me in high school when I grew up in a little town in Manassas Virginia High School called Stonewall Jackson. If you knew me back then you knew that there was one thing that Scott was going to do. He was going to be a big time. Radio Dj that was it was fun. Man Let's have some fun. Listen the radio listen big time radio. Dj guys the DC area big radio station code WPRO. See The goodguys. I call them. I said one day. I'm going to be that good guy. W PG see the change format before. I had the chance to get there but I was. I went onto be good guide other places all over the country. I realized something once it got work in the real world. Man People are pretty unhappy they are. It's like I'd go. So what are you? You're wearing t-shirts you're eating pizza. Give it away t shirts and other people you having a good time talking on the phone and why you unhappy. You don't have a real job. I don't understand this. Look at the sales of the radio stations in all kinds of money. I said why are YOU UNHAPPY? And it took me a few years to get to the point of going. Well I guess some people just that way because I was never that way but it was a shocker. Back in the beginning I so I have to look at the world differently because evidently this is not gonNa go away. Have you noticed that you can move away from people in the world? You can move away from anybody you've ever known he come back ten years later and they're still unhappy or is still putting their unhappiness on you. They may be happy themselves. But they're making you unhappy right but when you find those folks who see the world differently who understand what the world really truly is. They hold a bit of a dual capacity. They can see the world exactly as it is and yet had that place in their mind where they can reframe decide. Let's make this place better. I think it's hard to do. I do pretty naturally these days. It's the only thing I really truly understand. So how do they see the world? It's rose colored glasses right. They went down to the Walmart bottom suburbs at a rose colored glasses in a works. Maybe the amber wins worked. The Blue blockers remember those. I don't think so I think just have a better way. So if you WANNA see the world we're a happy person sees the world and you may already know if you already. Are that kind of person. See if this works for you see if this is what you're already doing if you're not listened closely and this might be a big challenge for you because I'm GonNa tell you you're gonNA get out of bed tomorrow morning so I'm going to do this. I'M GONNA go see the world who a happy person does and it's GonNa be Kinda hard to really have to be committed to it ready first off happy people like you're GonNa be our right now except that life brings problems it does. You're going to get rain yard just when you don't need it. It's going to snow just when you don't want it. Gave you a flat tire right minute. Middle that snowstorm archerd. So it's going to happen when you least expect it. Something's going to happen so happy. People kind of accept that now. I'm going to tell you I don't know that happy. People always go. Whoa look at that a problem. I think they probably go just kind of deal with it at all. I say most everything that we run into our life is self inflicted and it is a privilege it is. I was driving a Porsche through the mountains. One TIME COMING DOWN DENVER INTO DENVER out of a Frisco Colorado racing the airport really cool car and I got a flat tire I was running late and he was about twenty five degrees. I don't know what to do. Started to grow a little bit and then I was looking around with Iraqi balanced. Kinda hard to do that about that time. Construction work on the side of the road came up and said I can help you with that. I couldn't get man. It was drowned. Fancy car is in the mountains the Rocky Mountains Colorado. I was going to go take an airplane. Ride still remember to this day. You saw it a little bit differently. You don't ever to happy. People they recognize. That problems are a privilege just like that driving. The Mountains Porsche comes with being alive. It truly is a privileged one day. You won't have that privilege so life is going to bring a problem and it's a privilege of being alive is why you got that problem. Happy People do get frustrated but they don't give up you see. They realized that while we don't want them and we try to do everything we can. Make sure we don't have problems in our life. Problems are normal. They're going to happen from time to time. Just when you least expect it. Happy People know that they also know that. They need to accept responsibility for solving. Those problems are just hoping they go away. Not just hoping somebody else will take care of it but actually solving those issues this problems that come into your life because they're going to be there anyway and if you had the ability to solve them personally. I believe that's a privilege because a lot of folks don't have that mindset if you literally can say well this is not what anybody else wants to change. Make better I nor do I. I'd rather not but I have the skill set and I had the right attitude. Let me go fix it. Happy People also deal with anything like threads throws at them they do you do to you very much the same. If you're not completely happy in your world but really happy people just say here comes and then they go sleep and they try to sleep the best they can and then they get up and they do it all over again and probably say just like I do. Let's see what happens today.

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