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I want to talk about the IPAD in two thousand twenty because there are some reports that are interesting somewhat conflicting. And I'm going to see what you think. So Digit Times is reporting. That apple will be releasing its first five jeep products and second half twenty twenty This will be for at least some models of the iphone and also the IPAD pro with the fourteen and eight a fourteen x chips respectively for those products. Bah there are also many rumors. Suggesting Apple will upgrade the IPAD PRO. Line much to include the triple camera system but at time of flight sense of aaagh so the question posed by these two things is. Could we see to pepper referee refreshes in two thousand twenty or some point in two thousand twenty? They will be like an additional model of the IPAD pro which has five G. as well as its alpha features. What do you think about this well when I look at the first wave of five G. products from other phone makers it looks like what everybody did is just take their product and then do a five G. variant so if apple's GONNA come out with new ipads in the spring and they wanna do a five G. capable IPAD? My guess is that it's just going to be. We'll get the whatever. It is fourth generation IPAD pro in the spring and then they'll be a fourth generation IPAD pro with five G. option in the fall. Yeah and that it might even be as simple as it's literally the same ipad but now there is a FI option. You can buy for an extra however many dollars it is. And that's that's my guess is I? Don't think apple wants to delay the IPAD out of its eighteen months cycle and put it in when the phones are coming out just to delay for five G and five g you know again. It's nice to have it I. I wouldn't be surprised if apple just doesn't do it like just is like no. I've had any need five G. But if they really feel like they want their entire product line to inherit has cellular to inherit five G. At some point I could just see them sliding that out at some point in the fall and saying oh by the way the IPAD pro now does by g to whether it's a you know additional fee or whether they just sort of slipstream it and the Old Cellular. I've had pro is replaced by a new one that is a five G. instead but because that's a real question right is like the cost of a five G. Five G. Modem the cost of that five G. being integrated do they. Do they charge extra money for that or is it just sort of like well? We've now changed the cellular version to be. Gee I don't know the answer to that but that's my guess is that's GonNa be that simple of like. Oh yeah it does. Gee Now we drop that in. It's not a new product. It's the same product but now there's a five G. variant and that's it. Yeah I I think that's kind of where I'm leaning to. Where like we do still get some new IPAD pros in the spring? Because I think that there's smoke around that right. We talked about it last week. Right like these new hallway. Keeble things right like his stuff happening which doesn't make any sense as to why it with may be happening now like except for new hardware plus this. It's time for the IPAD PRO to be refreshed. I leaving it until September would would be two years which feels like too long They might want to have more power in the IPAD. Pro before wbz see we'll see

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