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Mike Trout rips cheating Astros, calls for bigger punishment


Happy Spring Training has been so happy so far. No I was GONNA say being the leadoff hitter is generally a good thing but not if the leadoff hitter for the Astros in two thousand one that might be a little bit dicey so on Monday Mike. Trout spoke in baseball circles. I really feel like it's words that are being carved on tablets might trout use. The Word Cheat. He noted the absurdity of the advantage of knowing what pitch is coming at this Take Note Jim Crane any express frustration over the fact. The Astra's haven't been disciplined. He spoke forcefully as forcefully as he has an N. issue baseball. And if you're the astros in your angry the world right now this might be the moment that forces you to look in the mirror I really feel like when Clayton Kershaw sees about the said something the Astros might dismiss it as well. Those guys are sore losers because we beat them. When cody bellinger said something they might think. Well what are you talking about your strikeout machine? In the two thousand Seventeen World Series Boba shed Gleyber Torres. Come out and said things they might think. Shut up you too young to say anything. One might. Trout says something that has to resonate even with the most defying the Astros. Because not only is a great players you know. He's also incredibly respected within the sport and they know him as a great in accepting person and so i. I sent on twitter this morning. That it's like getting yelled at by your favorite uncle. There's just something to it. What do you think yeah no look? I Applied Mike Trout. You know he's not always a man of many words. That's for sure you know. I'm sure he considered beforehand. What he was going to say he obviously knew these questions or coming to him so he took obviously a very strong stance towards not only the Astros but towards the commissioner so as one of the faces of the game. I absolutely applaud him for coming down. Hard on everything that's happened. So tell me how you think he's. Words would go over with a George Springer and Altoona Bregman Carlos Correa marlins not on the Astros anymore but certainly saw him early this spring address this because I feel like that they would just listen and say nothing. It wouldn't be any complaints among the Astros and Mike. Trout speaks in this way. What do you think yeah? It's a good question. You know for all the apologies. We've now seen the Astros gives since that initial press conference. I still don't know if there's a lot of remorse or regret at least I haven't been down there in West Palm was Houston. But that's the feeling I get from far that they did it. They know they're supposed to apologize. But they're still feeling of. We got away with it. We one where the champs so be it So I don't think that feeling of remorse. Is there now. Is that going to change? Because Mike Trout says he's lost respect for them. Probably not you would hope they. Would you know do a little inner self reflecting and sink a little more about their actions? But I think they're also it's also easy to say. This happened in two thousand seventeen. We don't care moving on and maybe that's what the sport itself does need to do at some point this spring and I feel like that is best for the Astros at this point. Let's face it. They've taken a lot of incoming shots they punch back the other day. I think it's time for them to stop worrying about trying to save what they've already loss. You know watching Carlos Correa over the weekend pushed back a talk about individual situations in the world series when they weren't cheating and I I thought it was absurd. Yes we were cheating in the first inning the second and third inning but in that run-scoring spot in the fence. We weren't cheating you know and to extend my a comparison the astros with someone who cheated in neighborhood poker game. Can you imagine if someone said? Yeah we dealt from the bottom of the deck with firsthand second anther. We played that fourth. Hand straight up like other players. Don't WanNa hear that and I feel like that while Carlos was passionate in trying to absolve Jose altuve and trying to draw lines. It's a waste of time. Their legacies in cement. It's over in terms of the Court of public opinion. No absolutely and we all know. There's only one solution for the Astros and that's to go out and win the World Series in twenty twenty and at least remove the cloud of suspicion for this season. When we're pretty sure they're not gonNA Poll any shenanigans released today extent. They have that is the only way two thousand seventeen as you said that legacy is incident. You know it's always GonNa be be doubt now. They're going to go out and prove that they actually are as good as we think they. They are at least as good as they've been the last three years

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