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I'm here today with senior editor. Jeff Peres how're you doing? Jeff good how are you done very good actually having had an episode for a couple of weeks so there's some good stuff to talk about particularly because last week was the Chicago Auto. Show and I think you and I both know in any other year. The Chicago auto show would not be a big deal but they moved the Detroit auto show which is usually in January. They moved that to June this year. So I think the Chicago Auto. Show benefited from that. And there was some Interesting debuts or things happening around it we're gonNA talk about One vehicle that really. I think got a lot of attention in Chicago but before that we have another car. Debut in this week That by the time this episode airs will have debuted although it hasn't yet but we can talk about it because we know all about it. So why don't you tell us about that? One I yes so when we spoke to Toyota I guess last year when the super came out they told us that there would be no four-cylinder super in the US but apparently till he had allied because there is going to be four cylinder super they were very clear with us Won The super debut and I were. You wrote articles about it like no four-cylinder super. Yeah it's odd but I guess I don't know maybe it was the demand. Maybe they just felt like they could fill a little bit of space between the eighty six and the and the current six cylinder so and you've got the BMW Z. Four which is basically the same car that offers a four cylinder right exactly so yeah four cylinder super happening this week it'll be right before Daytona. Which is the super as inaugural NASCAR RACE? Which is I mean where I I didn't mean to go into a NASCAR DIVERSION. But it's kind of funny and crazy but there's GONNA be a super at Nascar. I can't wait to see how I mean. It has no relation whatsoever to the road. Car HAS NO NASCAR. Racecar does but it's still fun to see them. Put that car there instead of the camera which has been using but yes so the new four cylinder supra gets the same turbo to leader from the Z. Four which is you know. Bmw engine just like the inline six two hundred fifty five horsepower. Two hundred ninety five pound for you to torque eight speed automatic and I think the big lake deal with this is that it's two hundred pounds lighter than the inland six version. So two hundred pounds off Death a lot away. What would of the weight come down to thirty one? Eighty one is the exact number. It's right in between the eighty six and the six cylinder essentially I mean that's I mean they`re. They're kind of filling the white space between their vehicles right. I think you and I have already talked about this. With the rest of the motor. One editors that this car sounds awesome. IT WH-. It'll be lighter. It'll the handling will probably be sharper and it'll be cheaper. We we know it will be cheaper to some degree but we don't know to what degree right. Yeah that's the big question because the current super the twenty twenty model starts at forty nine nine. Which is I think. Pretty reasonable for that car With visa with visas right Now the V six is getting updated too so that will probably get a price hike So I don't know I'm thinking forty k. for the four cylinder which I think might be like. I think that's a little wishful thinking on your part. You actually want to buy it. Yes that that also. I think it's probably more likely whenever whatever you're trying to guess what the price of a car is that you actually want. It's probably safe to like you know. Take your guests. Add five thousand. Like I honestly think it'll be like forty three forty five. Maybe that's a tough sell. Though for that card forty-three they don't seem super interested in selling tens of thousands of them. I think it's kind of like like a mid level halo car so I I think that they they wanna make their money back and and BMW does too so it would be. It would be amazing if it started at thirty nine even model but what other. What other choices in the class are there? You can get a nice ego boost Mustang with the performance pack and the handling pack for. I don't know mid forties low forties and then you can get a turbo Camaro One L. E. for high thirties low forties. Early great cars both really great cars and I think those would be like the closest competitors. Then you could also look like the four cylinder f type and the came in which are also really close. I think the Super Probably GonNa fall somewhere in between there Lab just comparably. But I don't know that segments pretty good so the supers gotta be priced well and it's gotTa bring a lot to the table. Yeah I well let's Like I said it'll it will have debuted or the time has episode airs. But I'm not sure if they'll release the pricing at the same time so we may have to wait a little while for that but to me. Sounds like an awesome car. Just is all gonna come down to the cost a next. I want to move on to the other end of the spectrum the supercar and because for For our coverage of the Chicago auto show by far the most popular car we wrote about was the new Ford. Gt Liquid Carbon Edition. And I find that particularly interesting because the Ford. Gt has now been around a few years and Ford has even had a couple. Special editions of this is another one of those for the two thousand twenty model year. And I'm amazed at how much actually put into this. It's not just a different look for one thing. The obvious thing is its name liquid carbon edition the whole body is bare carbon-fiber and it's gorgeous. I mean yes bear. Carbon Fibre is pretty by itself. But they have masterfully. Put this together. If you look at the body panels. They have done all the work to make sure the carbon we've lines up everywhere and I believe someone someone asked for about the build process and it actually takes three weeks to put the liquid carbon edition. Gt together compared to one week for a regular Ford Gt so that that tells you just how much goes into the body alone but even for they could've stopped there and I think everyone would have been happy. Would've probably gotten as much attention. But for two thousand twenty. They have got more power out of the engine. It's up thirteen horse. Power to six hundred sixty The the engine has a new calibration. So the torque curve is broader there's upgraded Pistons and ignition coils in the engine. They did a couple minor arrow changes to the flying buttresses and the back to make improvements larger inner coolers a new exhaust. I mean they. They have made material upgrades to this car when they don't have to. It is a supremely limited edition car. There's only a very small few of the builds. Lots left for the whole thing that they're going to produce all time not just for this year but they went that far. I mean that's unusual right. It is and I think it's super cool like this is a very interesting take on a car. That's already pretty cool Just the exposed carbon fibre is is such an interesting detail that not a lot of companies do even though I I sort of have a mixed like a love hate relationship with it because to us and I think we talked about this a little bit with the Acura the EMC editions that they're building. Those are super cool right on the paper they're building these in the NSS factory hand building all of them. They're awesome from from a technical standpoint. But when you show this to the consumer do they care like I don't know if the carbon the bare carbon look is like a big thing with consumers I think partners at school for the Ford Gt. I don't think they're consumers so much there are others and I think that will probably I mean these will sit up collection and maybe be brought out and gawked at and driven around a track once in a while. I think a lot of companies. Don't attempt it because it is so hard to do. It's not just you know like we said they lined up the we've and and there's no paint to hide imperfections right so it's all right there and has to be done very painstakingly and end with an extremely high attention to detail so it works here. I think you're right though with the accurate with the PM. See additions like if you know what they are. They're cool but you would have no way of knowing just by looking at them. If a liquid carbon drove by you would instantly no like right. That's more than just a regular Jersey and I do appreciate that. Ford is like keeping it fresh rather than just sort of letting it die on the vine like a lot of companies do where they introduce a new supercar. And they're like here you go. Let's just let it roll for ten years. You know and not do anything interesting so I think that's cool from that standpoint

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