Ep. 503 - Who Bought Pete Buttigieg? - burst 09


Hear the cheers when president trump just crouches down and lowers himself with a completely straight face. So that you know. His Chin is barely above the podium to do a better Mini Mike Bloomberg impression. It was great. It just reminds you. What a tremendous show-me in this guy is this guy's got audiences wrapped around his little finger for forty years. It was just a great performance from trump. The crowd was so revved up. And that Matters Okay. People make fun of trump talking about the crowds. The crowd enthusiasm in the crowd sizes. Electoral politics is about big crowds. Okay and it's about the enthusiasm from big crowds. When you look at. The Democratic primaries turn out is down especially in those early states. We were told turnout's supposed to be way up. Oh the Democrats are going to do so great this time because everyone hates trump and all those voters who stayed home in two thousand sixteen organ come out. Well just use the Hampshire as an example turnout was down from twenty sixteen. More people were excited about two thousand sixteen in the Democratic field than they are about this year. Turnout among young voters who are supposed to be the big saviors of the Democratic Party. All right. They're the ones who are gonNA finally correct things and throw trump out of office because they hate him so much turnout. Among among millennial. Democrats is down Gen Z. Democrats it's down. Excitement is really really going to matter and it would seem I can tell you firsthand on the CPAC side. I can tell you objectively just looking at turnout X. The excitement right now is for the Republicans. It's for trump. We will get to. Maybe why that is one really creepy freaky story from the latest and leftist woke. Politics is A video of a half naked drag queen twerk in front of a little toddler at her birthday party and the toddler looks all freaked out and the and all the parents all around are cheering. It on how funny a wonderful love is love. I guess birthdays or birthdays. I don't know we will examine how the left to that point. And why it's really playing very well for the Conservatives. I I gotta say goodbye to facebook and Youtube and I gotTa tell you that our POW Andrew Klavan has released the second entry in the another kingdom trilogy and that book is The nightmare feast drew and I started this Three years ago we started as a narrative podcast and jumped and became one of the top arts. Podcasts of the year we got both additional seasons out of it too is releasing that as a book. You gotta get. It's about Austin lively once just out luck. Hollywood screenwriter now chosen hero caught between two worlds. And dual quests in both Los Angeles California and the Magical Medieval world of Galliani. It's it is a tremendous work. I had the privilege of narrating it on the podcast. Audiobook I I think it's an enduring work. I think it's it's so powerful. It gets to so much of what we talk about on the critical level on this show you get the artistic and literary version on on another kingdom so go out. Buy that book. It's going to be a lot of fun. We got Super Tuesday coming up tomorrow. Daily wire is going to be with you all night. We'RE GOING TO BE THERE. The whole time on daily wire backstage. We want to hear from you. Tell us who you think will win the Democratic nomination by texting either Biden Bernie Bloomberg or Warren two eight three four zero zero eight three four zero zero text. Who you

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