Confused fans rip Garth Brooks for wearing 'Sanders' jersey


Garth Brooks did a show in Detroit and he thought he was being like a Homer and he wore a Jersey of legendary Detroit Lions running back Barry Sanders and he posted the photo of the Jersey on Instagram it was a picture from behind so all you saw was the lions Jersey that said Sanders twenty on the back because Barry Sanders road number twenty one now he's being ripped by fans who don't remember Barry Sanders because they thought Garth Brooks was supporting Bernie Sanders in the twenty race are you okay with this yeah I mean as someone said do you know it's like well maybe it was kind of a subliminal thing even though he chose that because you could chose any other player but you know Troy is in Detroit and he's from Oklahoma he's not you know be honest it's not not supporting Bernie Sanders right right and Barry Sanders and Oklahoma state product Heisman Trophy winner he has to what Detroit Lions football is as to what Peyton manning is Martin Indianapolis so Garth Brooks going out there in a powder blue or a grey and blue Barry Sanders number twenty Jersey these were some of the comments on his Instagram page weird that a millionaire were like a socialist Hey doors are you trying to distribute your millions another comment yes Sanders for president you're the best Garth here's another what are you saying your communist or socialist either way your a loser just throughout your C.

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