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Players Association, Baseball And Commissioner discussed on America's Truckin' Network


Coverage on the cover nineteen virus continues with ABC news with the most coronavirus cases in the US the New York City area is being singled out by more states Texas governor Greg Abbott those entering the state of Texas do an airport either in New York New Jersey or Connecticut will be subject to a mandatory self quarantine for fourteen days for for the duration of their stay in Texas whichever is shorter Illinois governor JB Pritzker noted increasing numbers of cases away from the Chicago area when it was just in cook county there were people in other parts of the state you said it'll never come here this is just a Chicago problem or just a cook county problem well that we've seen in every region an increasing number of cases in central and southern Illinois Richard Cantu ABC news news radio seven hundred WLW sports pro football news the NFL draft will go on as scheduled April twenty third through twenty fifth according to commissioner Roger Goodell and the league wide memo distributed last night but the players will not be in attendance baseball MLB and the Players Association reaching a tentative agreement on key economic issues and hopes of salvaging the majority of a one hundred and sixty two game season even if it means playing the World Series in late November racing the Indianapolis five hundred is moving to August twenty third and out of the month of may for the.

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Players Association, Baseball And Commissioner discussed on America's Truckin' Network

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