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Taylor Swift uses leaked Kanye West video to raise money for charity, coronavirus efforts


Basically there's a she said she said you'll remember that Taylor swift Kim Kardashian Kanye west have been going back and forth I mean it goes all the way back right but essentially the last we heard Kim and Kanye were trying to say Taylor swift knew very well that Kanye was going to include her in a song and reference her and she knew that it was going to be played a certain way in the media and the her outrage in the in the press when the song came out is really just feigned she knew exactly what was coming she knew the publicity it would get in she was totally fine with it that's kind of where we were and there was some video that alleged that that allegedly purported to prove that and that's that's where we'd ban yeah well the full video which purported to show the conversation Kanye west had with Taylor swift I was released I believe this is video that Kanye and Kim would have had access to but the the content of the video sheds new light on what actually happened and makes it clear that Taylor swift really didn't know the extent to which Kanye west song would put her in a negative like light and make him look like a misogynist debate so that the song in question is the two thousand sixteen song famous it's a tiny west song where he says in other in in other yes I'm on the other things he says that he got out of Taylor swift I made that B. AJ famous and then he there's a line about having sex with her that like at some point they'll probably have sex exactly and she was like she completely when after how he had characterize this to her but they released this video to make it look like no she knew full well rain according to the video we've seen this week that's not the case Taylor really was caught blindsided well today the development is they're both addressing it on social media in the way Taylor responded frankly just tells you a lot about Taylor whether you believe you know that it's genuine or not I'm not going to question other people's motives but it certainly is the way I would handle she goes in response to the story which by the way there is no indication that take because it theoretically that video that was released makes Taylor look good right there is no proof that it was Taylor that released that video right there's actually a reason it will get to it to believe that maybe Kim and Kanye released that video or someone very close something and but regardless Taylor responded by saying on social media the following instead of answering those who are asking how I feel about the video footage that leak to proving that I was telling the truth the whole time about that call you know the one that was illegally recorded that somebody edited and manipulated in order to frame me and put me my family and fans through hell for four years swipe up to see what really matters and when you swipe but because it's an Instagram story it has a link and it takes you to contribution I can't see the organization now I think it's the World Health Organization awesome they're feeding America campaign it through the feeding America's another organization so and then it says if you have the ability please join me in donating during this time of crisis which is just like the best response she's like I hear you I see you I'm not going there donate some money for good what meanwhile over in Kim Kardashian social media we have a one two three four five six seven eight paragraph treatise on what she believes actually happened with no such charitable giving connected to it and instead actually just doubles down on what the real argument was about and the fact that it was actually about the word B. AJ and about nothing else and she says essentially at the end this will be the last time I speak on this because honestly nobody cares sorry to bore you all with this I know you're all dealing with more serious and important

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Taylor Swift uses leaked Kanye West video to raise money for charity, coronavirus efforts

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