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Removing Waste and Creating Agility with Artificial Intelligence



Today I have the privilege of hosting Sandy. Fernando he's a senior vice president of optum where he leads the artificial intelligence and analytics platforms. Team he's responsible for developing platforms that support the design and development of leading edge models. Analytic tools for the enterprise previously. Sandy was vice president at optum labs and led the OPTUM Labs Center for Applied Data Science which is called CADS. The cavs team applied breakthroughs in a and machine learning to solve complex healthcare challenges for United Health Groups and by developing and deploying software product concepts cats pioneered using deep learning to streamline administrative processes in revenue cycle management and develop graph analytics tools to support provider network design among other innovations. That they've done. He's been at optum labs since two thousand fourteen from Nokia where he created. Nokia's first data science team so definitely no rookie to data science and AI. Before that he spent those nine years there and has done an incredible amount of work as well as starting his own business. So it's a true privilege to have Sanji podcast here and Excited to cover his insights in healthcare. A So Sandy. Thanks so much for joining us. Today they came out saw. Those very gracious will care compensation likewise so sandy. What inspires your work in in healthcare because at the beginning you're in healthcare a your technology guy that gravitated to healthcare. I was in telecom and I work in internet company Way Back when and I really had a technology studied computer science in College. And what brought him back to health care? Maybe was growing up in the healthcare family. Really both my parents were physicians. I had a great exposure on. They were primary care physician in Connecticut and solve their day. They works out of a touch. And while I didn't pursue that as a career I understood maybe almost constantly but he was something that was very satisfying and now. I've got a wife and three kids and help their song. So my hope is that by understanding and pursuing some pretty destig- -nology over my career. I could bring that back to healthcare a little bit and see if we can make some significant changes in how how we used acknowledgee to enable healthcare in the US and even abroad. I think that's Great Sanji. And so it's that that story you know your parents grew up as physicians and when you took that left turn Sanji. What did they think did they say? Our son's not going to be doctor or were they happy that you became a an it guy. They were always supportive. I mean yeah from age like eight or nine they were spending way too much funny buying US computer and gaming consoles big thing new That was something ours passionate about and were were. You WanNa follow your prints being a position as an incredibly are percussion incredibly stable. Percussion and you know. I've made an effort to get through organic chemistry in college and after that I said you know I think I wanted to really a little bit more excited about. Yeah no I can appreciate that so it sounds like you're kinda drawn in by by technology at a very young age gave it a swing but said. I'M GONNA Follow My Passion Mom and Dad. Yeah Negro Sport of all the way. So that's awesome in an important looking for assault. Now that's the especially as parents now. I mean so. Hey Kudos to you Mom AND DAD. You sound doing pretty good now. What makes what you guys do there at optum different. And how's it adding value to the ecosystem of the business and of your customers? Yeah today and optimism. It's such a multifaceted business. We touched so many portions of the healthcare system from patients providers to governments to warriors pharmaceutical companies. And that gives us a great opportunity to take a look. Maybe more holistically at how we can really drive and deliver better outcomes and change about their system in my focus area. We've got a wealth of data across our enterprise. Overturned twenty million identified patient live of data on bet gives us this great perspective on how we can take some of these new often referred to as artificial intelligence stay. The heart of artificial intelligence machine learning approaches where we can take these machine learning approaches to mission allowing us to learn from the data itself rather than explicitly stated. Exactly what to do Max. And that's a real important breakthrough for us especially in healthcare because healthcare is so complex and something we try to create your shop. She would imperatives or rules or here. Six there will always be educated with exceptions and it becomes very difficult to construct and simulator run with that and so lots really representing dresses. That we have An are my team in depressions. Here in optum how this opportunity to work with this Vast array of data in the hope that we will mabel better outcomes and really allow people to work there.

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Removing Waste and Creating Agility with Artificial Intelligence

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