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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn. There is no doubt that these are extremely strange times that we're living in and when you see a headline that reads Mark Maryland's netflix special predicted the pandemic it. Kind of drives the point home. Maryland's comedy special is called End Times Fund. It came out on March tenth a day before the World Health Organization declared the corona virus outbreak a pandemic and a lot of it feels oddly Prussian. Now even though the special was recorded several months ago he in his show the comedian actor and podcast host talks about his feeling that the world is ending. And that we're nearing an environmental collapse. Here's a clip and then we'll get into our chat but I think deeper level the reason we're not more upset about the world ending environmental. Is I think all of us in our hearts really know that we did everything we could. You know we really right. I mean we really did. I mean think about it we we. We brought her own bags to supermarket about in Bryan. We brought the bags right when they told us. Do you think this thing is landing because what you're talking about is so oddly on the nose for me when I was younger Watching comedians in why. I love comedies that they were able to sort of Yona fairly short order. Kinda some big ideas no matter how horrifying and make them digestible and funny for people and I think this this specialist doing that around the Times. We're living in the Assad. We you know the timing for the world Is Not great but the timing for this particular hour of work is is very Timely when you were putting this together and pitching it to net Flix was there. A core idea you're presenting and if so how would you describe what that kind of thesis was? Well you don't pitch the idea of a special to Netflix. And as a comic in someone who's done to previous specials with them they give you a special or they don't there's no outside of them saying yes you can do a special and we will pay you for it. There's no other real creative discussion with net flicks Around material there was a discussion around the title of it which is sort of Which was kind of interesting and kind of funny in that the original title for this special that I was very locked into and it was helping me kind of shape. It in my mind was Jeremiad. a a woeful screed or rant But Robbie pro over it networks was like you can't call with that and I was like well. Why not he's like well. No one's GonNa know what that is and I said. Yeah but they can look it up. He's like no people need to. You know they need to know when it comes up on the menu by the title that it's a comedy special and I pushed back a bit. But then it was sort of and he but he stood his ground and I really think he was right but in terms of the thinking around pulling the material together as I threw line for me was. How do we know what what is real and what is true? And why do we believe in things in? What does it mean to have belief in relation to that truth and also it's very clear to me and it should be everybody else that you know? We're in trouble. Environmentally I think was the original. I think that was the easiest most logical and seemingly hard to avoid a truth about the condition of of the world and where we're going was environmental. So so it really. The through line became about that that there seemed to be a real issue with you. Know people settling on. You know what is true? And what isn't true And that's usually playing up against their particular beliefs which they feed the information. They want to to buttress that that those beliefs but they could be have nothing to do with the the truth and the idea that we live in an era. Now where people are like. Yeah but what is true? You know what I mean man. It's like I do but we've got to land on something but when you say you're thinking about calling Jeremiah. I like a lot of people would think about the book of Jeremiah in the Old Testament. The whole idea of this being almost a sermon. A Call to action as it is a comedy special that you have congregation there your audience your say look folks When the services over go out and do something don't just like thank. You're doing something by coming in here. And using your your grocery bags or your recyclable. Straw like go out and change the way you think about. The world almost feels like on some level. Your special is a call to action. It is a call to Action. Only in the sense of you know look at this. There's a way to look that we have to accept where we're at. I'm not I don't know if I'm actually saying you know. Everyone has to get out and do something. I M saying like this is how I see it and this seems to be what's happening and it's not good. So here's the information I've provided in a way that's digestible. It's horrifying it's difficult. It's dark but you see you should sort of. I think it's probably the correct way to see this stuff and do what you can is on you because I don't know what do you tell people to do. Man I mean in terms of the timing here we are. Were all isolated quarantined secluded and. Y- sort of bunkered in. So I I mean the best. I could do. Is raise awareness? I mean I don't know what to tell people to do. I mean the the momentum that it would take in the social like when you start having this conversation you know what needs to be done. Who were the leaders that can take us there? Is it still possible to actually do anything to stop the momentum towards environmental disaster or fascism? You would hope in. I and I hope but I I don't. I don't know the path man right but one of the things that this special does raise and I think you almost asked the question directly. It's like what is it GonNa take. What is it gonNA take for us to wake up and pay attention like? Haven't we been entertained enough? Weird thing for me to say but Jesus like isn't there something that could bring everyone together and just realized we've got to put a stop to like almost everything right home. I God what would it take something terrible? That's what brings people together. Nothing good I have to say. We have started as a family. I'm one of four boys every night at six o'clock we get on zoom call and we all talk and we all check in with our dad who is approaching ninety years old. But it's like why didn't we do that before? Why do everybody could get on a conference call? Once a week. We could check in with each other and come together. It's like does it take something like Corona virus or nine eleven or whatever for us to like put everything down and say we're all in this together. Let's work together. Let's be together. Hey I you know I hope that happens. You know there still seems to be Some kind of your partisan divide happening and aggressively propagandized on behalf of this particular administration but on a personal level. I think we all are at the very least because of this horror. Show that we're living in are going to be a little bit more adept at communicating with each other These the our computers and whatnot. And I still don't know I mean I understand what you're saying. But what are we really believe that that if and when we get through this at you you you all are going to continue that tradition. A daily phone call with everybody. I think it's important now because you know when you're isolated isolation I is is is can be a dark thing in for people that are alone. It's a it's a heavy trip. You know to be alone with your head and just be kind of distracting information entertainment but to sort of lose even the it the ability to go out and be in proximity to other people to feel part of a collective even if you're not talking Is is good medicine and to not have that is it can be a heavy trip for some people and I and I hope that people are reaching out to friends and family. At least you know checking with them to get out of yourself a little bit and have that connection but yeah I mean like I said in the special usually does take something tragic to shake out of the transit. We call a life into something a little larger than ourselves but you know people are isolated also in their own bubbles of activity. You know there's different levels of isolation I think I've been thinking about this that even when life is normal. I mean. Think about the size of your world and your particular bubble in your series of habits. And how much does that include everybody else? I mean obviously you and I talked to an audience but but it's sort of odd it that their isolation is is a theme that pre existed. This This moment that we're living through mark Maryland's new comedy special is called End Times Fund. It's on Netflix. He's also an actor on a podcast host. Marc stay safe and healthy and thanks so much for coming on the show. Hey It's great talking to you man I and and you to It sounds like you're doing good. I'm glad to hear you sound well and please stay well coming up on the frame. The name of the new series from Josh Thomas. Is Everything's GonNa be okay and he means it..

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