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Daniel Goleman: The Mind and Meditation



I have the pleasure of speaking with Daniel Goldman to claim psychologist and author of several books including the international bestseller emotional intelligence. Why Can Madam Molden? Iq Daniel has written extensively on the connections between human psychology science and contemplative practice and their practical applications in both leadership and in everyday life in this conversation. Daniel talks about his early years at Harvard where he earned his PhD in psychology and how encounters with great teachers such as Ramdas took Kunar remedy and many others would pave the way for his research on meditation and Non Western theories of mind unlike he studies in psychology which largely focused on the content of the mind. By-pass enough focused on the process. Which was tremendously exciting Daniel. He then discusses how mindfulness and meditation topics not will receive. Graduate advises have evolved within the United States and within American culture most profoundly. Daniel discusses his most recent work on climate change. He off is extraordinarily astute insights on how the human mind grapples with the difference between imminent verses symbolic threats and how these translates into the world of capital consumerism and personal responsibility he also shares his thoughts on how Donald Practitioners My contrbute to these calls. Especially I so much enjoyed this conversation and I hope you do too so I thought to start with awesome you so. You're a graduate student at Harvard and went to. India is that is that rushing seventy might travelling companions on the trip. Were someone known as Jeff. Cable? Who's called Krishna? Dos The devotional singer. Another friend was released for DOS. Who just lose writing books with Rhonda's because I had met Ramdas quite by accident cosmic what you would say tender auspicious coincidence or something but My Freshman Freshman Trish during graduate school. I was writing a paper suicide over the Christmas. Oh holiday and I get a knock on the door of my apartment in Cambridge in. It's a woman why never seen before. And she had run into a friend of mine who had been in a communal house in Berkeley. Who's going around the world? And he had sent a letter to me that she was the currier four and she had been in a monastery in Nepal where she met a an American. A guy named Bongolan not rundown. Yes and basically she. I have two things to do here. One is delivered this letter to you. The second is to visit this guy. The BAGUA DOS it. I really shouldn't need and the third was to go to my sister's wedding but she backed out and so that was why she came to America. So I said well I'll take you to meet this person you know. Your Christmas is writing on suicide. We ended up driving up to New Hampshire in there in this farm house. Luxuriance funhouse in a small room. Upstairs was this guy all white along there but no Julia was and he had all these weird pictures on the wall turned out to be Hindu deities and we watching remit and nobody said anything. I never been in a social situation where nobody said anything but I went along with it. And then after a while he spoke and it turned out he was Richard Alpert now. Rhonda's just come back from India and it turned out also that he had been fired from the program at Harvard that I was enrolled in a graduate student. Also I was on the graduates to school colloquium committee which meant I could invite him to come back and speak. Nice which I which was the first time he'd been back to Harvard since he was fired. And so you know he was on fire. He was really full of shocked as they say just back from India and he started. He came give a lecture started. Seven ended it too and to bribe janitor lettuce sticky two. Am to work. And I began to go to a kind of a summer camp that he was running his father's place in the Hampshire where I visited him. This was in the summer and after two rounds I found out that might fill ship to harbored included. A traveling challenge ship nice and I had a wonderful mentor at Harvard David McClellan who actually had hired fired leary and so what did he think about your little excursions to bomb. While he was a devout quaker and he was very interested in meditation so it seems glad that I was getting into this because none of it all is other graduate students. Were like all its study the need to achieve from the you know also you riding on suicide just WanNa go back to that in. What was was there any in that compelled you to write. Oh I had been at a teaching assistant in a course on death and dying talk. Guinan and I had gotten access to about several hundred suicide notes for Bailey Corner. Yeah and you know it's just a you know you study stuff in doubt. I mean I wasn't suicidal. But yet you had interesting death and dying or was that interested. Dr. Not like a personal interest but kind of academic academic India okay and so I should give it back on. My father was professor humanities and my mother was a social worker and I think I got a a kind of implicit value system. It was a very ecumenical. He taught a course called autobiography of civilization which was world literature so it a very lot instead of Sanskrit actually version Among other languages his best friend was the guy who founded the Asian Studies Department at Berkeley? No so I had this kind of view of the world which was larger than just Western yesterday so I was very interested in going to India but I found could In graduate school because Ron dos made me think oh I'd love to meet his guru yet girly Bob Him. You Know No. I'd never met anyone like him of the KARMAPA sixteenth city. Zuma Sitter Sixteenth Mama's yeah and They meant didn't see each other enough. Say met but Lama nor law whose retreat master for College Berries who was close to carmont stayed within croly Baba for two years and I think maybe he told them I never got the story of how he knew anything again. But anyway and Because this was nineteen seventy s very early. A lot of the wonderful lauman's the very shall we say far advanced llamas on the path from Tibet were still alive and Christopher Dawson and I met coup Air Fiche who is very humble. Wonderful being reviewed seem around dawn. You know mumbling all money. I when I saw going around the Stupa and people come and see him day and night and he was always happy to see. Whoever came which I contrasted with my professors at Harvard were world famous psychologist. You could see them like two to three on Tuesday office hours so anyway. Long Story Short coup. Who was wonderful and I didn't know till decades later with he was the teacher of the Dalai Lama on Compassion Chari out the time. You would certainly never say so. He had been offered the kind of the presidential suite with top sweet. And the monastery top floor didn't want he stayed in a very small room had little wooden bed. That was it was very simple. It beautiful way so I met him and kind of made it my business to look around I. I ended up studying the Pasta with Joseph Goldstein. Who was in residence of the Burmese? Mahara I think. Joseph was little horrified that other Westerners were showing up and Manindra had invited his friend going Kaji to give up his second course for Westerners and I went back and gave a talk at the conference on Yoga and Therapy Deli and told people there that there was going to be sub ten day retreat and when the people audience was named Sharon Salzberg cow and so she came to book Guy Learn how to meditate the rest is history was charged with Joseph of course so we go way way back to nineteen seventy really

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