An Interview with Vanderbilt Baseball Coach Tim Corbin


Want to get right to our first guest who two weeks ago today was it was head coach of the number one baseball team in America. Many expecting hoping perhaps for another a world series run as he has done twice at Vanderbilt But we all know what happened and We're all trying to deal with the circumstances Tim Corbin Jones head baseball coach at Vanderbilt coach. Thank you very much. I know it's been such a difficult time in Nashville couple of weeks ago with tornadoes. Now what we're all dealing with Both nationally and globally. We hope you're well. Yeah Thank Ball Chretien. Let's let's talk about two weeks ago around this time when when you learn what we all learned that For All intents and purposes the baseball season was over. I know there are a lot of important issues to deal with from a health standpoint. But it's certainly had to hurt badly How did you deal with your your your young men. And how are they coping with it? Now I'm sure they're coping with it better. I think like like all athletes and all athletes have been exposed to this at every level whether it's professional or are level or high school of course but that Wednesday night. I think it was the eleventh we. We played Toledo and After game was over I had got word that Corona virus or Vanderbilt University had sent all the the students home so I felt like when I told the kids that I felt like I was going to share more news with them the next day or the next couple of days. And that's what happened on the twelfth The MCA cancelled the baseball season at that point And then on the thirteenth Friday the thirteenth of all things. That's when we had our last meeting and then we'd exit interviews on Saturday and Sunday so I think it's just stunning because of when it happened. You know you're looking at March Thirteenth. And you haven't even started the SEC's we're supposed to on that Friday. And then you're you're basically sending your kids home because they all have to be home so I think I think it hit him hard. I I do think all athletes hard and emotionally at that time but I think during that time too. It's also good to put things in perspective and we tried to As you mentioned we had the tornado just a week. Tried it out and you know a lot of people during the course of that week. We're going to funerals and Picking up pieces and losing homes and so people had more difficult circumstances than than Vanderbilt Baseball and in this case this was a national health crisis so it was bigger than all of us so we basically had to to move forward as much as we possibly could and just kind of weighed on what and how people are going to make decisions going forward and there's a lot of decisions after to be made. Obviously but we're kind of waiting on the country. I just to see where our our health as a as a as a country. Your team had to scatter. Obviously I know you may not even you may not be playing or practicing but these are your players in many ways. Their light children How are you keeping up? Well basically through taxed or we have. This team works out that I can. I can email and text out any information. I want with all of them right now. They're in school or they're not in school but they are. They're home Selling out or completing assignments and just going to school up until the end of April so just basically giving them as much information as I can to share with them but I think the thing that impressed upon him is just stay in routine both mental and physical because we can all humans. Get away from that and right now. I'm sure there's a lot of frustration nationwide Especially when you've been asked to go to your room and you've been grounded and That that's not easy but at the same time we do it for the right reasons but I'm just trying to communicate with the kids as best. I can both the kids that are on our team and the kids. That might have a lot of questions here are sewn is your incoming class because of of what potentially could happen with the NCAA and maybe what potentially could happen with MLB to if they decide or not decide draft. Yeah we're talking A- and right now if things had been normal which is A word that none of us are familiar with this would have been opening day. Baseball Games would have been being played all over the country on television. You know being in in that world one of the one of the truly special days on the calendar and we're all trying to deal with a far more serious things but But it's it's hard to. It is a little bit strange to even for you as a as a baseball fan. Not to catching up with some of the former players on television. Yeah well it it is an you know. I think you and I we. We operate in field of sport not flex and and kids and coaches and so on so it is very important to us. But I you know you can't minimize the strength that it has with your audience and with fans particularly in the FCC but all throughout the country It it gives us Stimulates US it? Takes our mind off from certain things that we go through. During the course of the day ourselves and I think when sport does reenter back into the country I it. It certainly is going to help with the health of everything that's going on. I mean you and I are older so we remember. Nineteen eighty and nineteen. Eighty was a very difficult year for our country. You had He it was tough to get gas or our country was down We had the hostage crisis. And a little you know. Us United States hockey team Of Amateur Kids Not Too long ago. A lot to go on a Friday and then on a Sunday won the gold medal in that occurrence in and of itself was was really stimulator for for our country at the time and it gave us A great rebirth and I. I think when sport does enter the picture again. I think we're GONNA see that I really do. I think it's going to be good for all of us And when that time comes will Will will certainly understand how much we've missed it. Which I think is very powerful feeling to have right now But we'll get there again. We will and I. I think the biggest thing is just to stay as positive as we possibly can during this time coach. You're you're coming off of a title. You're you're hoping to to win another one. I'm interested just from your standpoint. I know you're you're you're there to be a leader for your assistance your staff in your team but you're also a very competitive person very successful person. How are you dealing with this right now? Because everything is different. We understand the importance of what we have to do. But it's still a mental experiences at not. Yes it is But I I think I'm handling it fine. I got away from the emotions of it quick because I think it's one of those things once you start to understand. You can't control any of it then you just remove yourself and really listen and read And I guess listen more than anything to the people that you think have a lot of experience whether it doctors whether it's politicians or or whether it's just our country speaking to us but outside of that then. I think you know last time I was without baseball as a person at any point in time is a competitor was nineteen seventy five. So that's a lot of years of Of Not of having your springs taking up every single day and then of course being a coach. That's thirty five years but I think this this times been. I would say as good as as anything take negative situation. Make it better in terms of being able to reflect. Be Able to thank being able to have probably deeper conversations with my wife that don't have anything to do with baseball but have a lot more to do with life in general and talk more about our girls and talk more about Where we see ourselves so I think this has been good for a lot of people. They might not admit it but I do think it's good because it's Dan allows us to decompress but really allows me to appreciate the fact that I have a job that I am getting paid that. Get to work with young people. They get get interviewed by someone like yourself. I don't take any of that stuff for granted because there is going to be a time where I'm not going to do it and I'm getting the feeling of it right now and I don't want that feeling never again so I think in a lot of ways it's been a very positive situation for me personally What an incredible message and I think a lot of us. Listen to what you said I know self nodding nodding my head in in in total agreement coach. I know we will talk again under better circumstances but until then we you you and your your program the best and And hope to see you

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