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Welcome to kids miss and mystery. Sign your host kit crumbs all this week. We've been talking about and researching psychics clairvoyance paranormal things with crystal balls and Ouija boards. Next week we start Wednesday with interviews with a psychic and clairvoyant and I thought since clairvoyance talk to spirits it only appropriate that today I provide you with a real ghost story. Let me tell you finding a real ghost story. It can be as simple as going to the library or bookstore but the ghost story. I'll read today. Came to me from an individual with what I can only call real life experience as you listen. Keep in mind that I'm reading. Someone else's encounter with the ghost mildly contribution to the tail is traditional editing. I found necessary. Otherwise the words make up. The story are all authors who assured me are all true and because she was simply writing about her encounter. There will be no title to the story. Here we go ellen. Richmond rides about her encounter with the ghost as follows. The room was small behind attached to a store that sold all things. What got the curtains were pulled shut on the only two windows but only partially blocked out the light in the middle of the room was around table and six chairs one was more like thrown or the medium would sit. We were instructed to hold hands. There were no candles know. Incense the room was bare. Except for the table and chairs. We were five childhood friends on the verge of college. We'd lost one. Recently Billy had drowned. We'd pooled our money and sought out Madam Hester. She reminded me of my grandmother and more the face. A thousand lives with no attempt to hide wrinkle. Silver Hair tied back tight. She spoke with smokers voice. We were instructed to remain silent until contact was made at which time each of us could ask one question beginning with me and moving clockwise. She made it clear we were to ask a single simple question. Batum Hester unlike a TV medium didn't chant or roller head from left to right and when she made contact she didn't nod the only indication of contact when she spoke. And it was billy's voice. We all exchange looks of amazement. What is Your Question Ellen? When Billy's voice spoke my name I felt lightheaded but managed to ask. What was your favorite form of transportation? Matama Hester was sitting. Ramrod-straight is fixed on the center of the table. I think I was holding my breath until billy answered my question my bicycle. That was it a two word answer. Jesse was next and ask if billy like math. We all knew that he hated math. This time his answer was a single syllable. No it had been decided by Jesse and his girlfriend Sarah who sat on his right that the three of us should establish that we were really speaking with billy. Nothing in this obituary or at his funeral would have provided information about his love for his bicycle. In eight of math. Sarah had always flirted with bill and I knew who question would make or break. The seance did you kiss me under the old weeping willow tree no can the answer under the Nolan Street Bridge. I leaned forward nodded at Sarah. Whose eyes were like saucers. I heard Tom take a deep breath. Give us a physical sign. As evidenced in connection has truly been made you could have heard a pin drop as we waited for a response than the room was filled with the sound of that. Stupid Bell. Billy. Used to ring when he wrote his bike wanted to get someone's attention. Mickey gave my hand squeeze his would be the last question but it would break Madam. Hesters rule his question would be a single requestion. Definitely not simple. We all miss you. Billy and we'll be leaving the area and the end of summer and would like to see you one last time to say goodbye. I could hear my heartbeat. My Eyes Burn with the request. I'd know billy since I was three. We were best friends. All of us were on a picnic on the riverbank when he decided to go for a swim my last memory of his broad shoulders back and Bright Red Trunks. Z. Waded into the water. His answer came as a shock. Meet me at my grave. Batum Hester raised her gaze from the center of the table. I hope all your questions were answered. She said I would have thought that his answer meet me at my grave would have been followed with at midnight but it was broad daylight. Four o'clock we all piled into the SUV. That Jesse's parents had given him the graduation. The town's only cemetery was located just past industrial district at the south end of town Jesse parked at the front. We climbed out and walked as one pass the older section of the cemetery to the Green Tree Lawn. That made up the newest portion. Billy simple headstone was located next to. The fence separated the older section from the newest when I saw him sitting on his headstone. I look left and right I was alone and realize that I'd kept walking but everyone else had stopped when they sign. I took a couple more steps until I was arm's length away. At that moment I realized my face wet with tears I reached out. I'll miss you but never forget. He raised a hand in extended his index finger. There couldn't have been more than an inch between fingers when billy vanished. An I fainted. That was eight years ago but I remember billy on his gravestone like yesterday. I'm currently er nurse and often work at night shift alone. Of course with the doctor on call. I've never had any other paranormal experiences. But carry a picture of billy many nights. When I'm alone I call out his name. There's never a response but I never feel lonely.

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