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C. U., CBS And Brett Crozier discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show


S. nears eleven thousand there is hopeful news from New York governor Cuomo says cases in the nation's epicenter are leveling off it still depends on what we do it doesn't really matter if we've hit the plateau or not because you have to do the same thing he says maintaining social distancing is still key more from CBS's mola lanky mother Hans zones in the midst of their own battles include Detroit where cases have tripled in the last nine days to more than five thousand Chicago is approaching five thousand cases the next hot spots include Miami and Philadelphia in Louisiana covert nineteen cases have more than doubled since last Wednesday president trump says he took a call from a Democrat who hopes to replace him Joe Biden we had a really wonderful warm conversation was a very nice conversation we talked about pretty much this this is what we talked about this is what everyone's talking about this what they want to talk about and he gave me his point of view and I fully understood that Britain's prime minister was being treated for the corona virus has taken a turn for the worse CBS is Vicky Barker from London what we know so far is that Boris Johnson has been moved to intensive care his aides say he is conscious is not on a ventilator but was moved into the I. C. U. in case he might need a ventilator his Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab will be deputising for Johnson as and where necessary social distancing won't stop tomorrow's presidential primary in Wisconsin Wisconsin governor Tony Evers tried to postpone the primary until June ninth but the state Supreme Court sided with legislative leaders saying the virus or no virus Evers didn't have the authority to do so on his own meanwhile a challenge to extend absentee balloting until next week filled in the U. S. Supreme Court Wisconsin election is being viewed as a national test case in a broader fight over voter access in the age of the coronavirus bill breakup CBS news Thomas mod les walks back comments characterizing it fired navy captain is stupid for going outside the chain of command to plea for help for his sailors correspondent Steven Portnoy the acting navy secretary's apology a complete about face came just hours after president trump said he'd review the decision to relieve captain Brett crozier Mr trump cast the dismissal as a dispute between crozier and the navy's top civilian Mr trump said it was a mistake for crozier to send a widely distributed email detailing the coronavirus cases on the carrier but the president seemed sympathetic and vowed to get involved Dow up more than sixteen hundred points this is CBS news you can listen to CBS news.

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C. U., CBS And Brett Crozier discussed on The Dave Ramsey Show

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