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Previous stories on the south coast from the W. B. S. M. newsroom here's


Called quickie new Bedford mayor Jon Mitchell is repeating that social distancing will save lives on Twitter he advised that if you see large gatherings or businesses that are not complying with the rules you should call police as it's happening Mitchell also announced that the city has removed basketball rims and soccer goals from city parks and said if you were playing either game you're not social distancing in sports big papi has a message for red Sox fans during the pandemic in a video David Ortiz spoke to Bostonians saying we've been down before we know how to bounce back and we're gonna get through this in addition hockey great Bobby Orr wrote a letter of gratitude to the doctors nurses and staff at mass General Hospital he said those on the frontline

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Previous stories on the south coast from the W. B. S. M. newsroom here's

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