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Was willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure that they were safe now I understand that


Of the enemy knowing the readiness of that ship and it's an aircraft carrier there are geopolitical and geostrategic concerns and you know a lot of that stuff but I also believe that this is already been reported in the press that there were concerns on this ship and we're we're at a point now where eating get given what we see this is doing to even younger and healthier people not that that means it's it said the the approach changes but it means the risk tolerance on board a navy ship would be different you know if your if this isn't just a disease that can incapacitate and perhaps even kill people who would be overtime you would already be retiring out of the navy if it could kill people or or incapacitate them who are still on board ships and that changes the reading this capacity of the readiness of of the ship and so this seems to be a case where somebody just I don't know if you like an intention or not I find it hard to believe that a letter on board a ship like this would not get leaked over would get league rather without him being interested in having somebody let the media know what's going on here but now there's more tension on the ship and perhaps he might he might have like he might have saved lives save lives of his men and it's true of people and people in the military through people anywhere leaders who will leaders who will take risks to their career to save their people nothing inspires loyalty like that nothing out there inspires that kind of loyalty so that's the story I think it's as someone inspiring story from the navy side there's another navy stories get a lot of navy talk today for all of you only in the navy folks all of you what's the what we what we what's the word for navy folks that I know there's one more than that though I'm trying to remember what to what the broad sailors there we go good job block from the navy sailors out there that's like not airman down that's in the air that's not within the navy is in the water I know I see I know some things about some stuff but there's another story about the USNS comfort which as I said is close by here and it is not taking in many patients and this is in part because of what the mission of this hospice navy hospital ship was declared as the mission is to deal with non cove in patients who going to the hospital right now and so you know if you if you had a if you have a heart attack for example a E. the ideas that you can you can be transferred to this this navy ship the problem is that the navy ship has all these decontamination procedures in place and you have to go to a hospital first before you get sent to the navy ship so as I go on air here they really only had a twenty was the last number I saw twenty patients a a thousand beds about twenty patients that's now of course if you have to go in for non code issue I would much rather be at the USNS comfort then having to go but I think you have to go to a hospital to get the referral and if you don't have covert nineteen the last place on earth you want to be right now is a hospital ER intake last place you want to be so as I understand it you have to go to a hospital and then the hospital makes a determination that you don't have code nineteen then they have to communicate with the navy ship transfer you to the navy ship and the navy has to take a do a task to ensure I think that your temperature I'm not even sure how what the heck what the full procedure is but they'll put your procedures to make sure you don't have covered nineteen and then you can be seen by the staff on that ship I mean you better hope you're not going to be over the gunshot wound this is not good is not a fast process so

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Was willing to go to extreme lengths to make sure that they were safe now I understand that

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