Coronavirus Cases Seem to Be Leveling Off in US


Preston there are signs that the spike in the number of coronavirus patients across the country is starting to level off U. S. Surgeon General Dr Jerome Adams telling Good Morning America that isolation and social distancing is working in slowing the spread of the good news is that when you look at Italy when you look at Spain when you look at Washington California and even New York in New Jersey they have truly starting to flatten their curves they've seen cases level off and start to come down and that's what I want people to understand that it's going to be hard in a tough week but the American people have the power to change the trajectory of this epidemic if we come together like we have after past tragedies in this country ABC's Erica Turkey here in New York where doctors say they're still overwhelmed the physical space has been changed but each day Lenox hill hospital here in New York must find new places to cram coronavirus patients who arrive nonstop we build more debts we create more places to put that Matthew had these a nurse in the ER where he said the staff is sprinting to keep up with the load we're now running at the same pace as the infection rate is this sustainable hi so what we do today is sustainable for today if this is the plateau it's still putting tremendous stress on

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