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What have we learned and what will learn about love from the Coronavirus


Have we learned? And what will we learn about love from this corona virus? It seems that the coronavirus has now begun to show us some incredible lessons both in good about human beings when it comes to love compassion and empathy. The Kvant of Iris we had told has yet to take full effect and yet so many said intake in his so many people have had to have had so many material losses. Already we have. We have seen bravery in those that work in caring for the public. The policemen the nurses the doctors health workers in countless others who have continued to work in other essential services as this horrible virus continues to rage on. We have seen incredible absorb charity from those that only need to care for themselves but yet have extended in resources to all those that needed now in order to live yet we have seen the very opposite others who have made their views very clear and stated that the working class to sacrifice their health than families help him lives in order for economy. Not to falter. We have seen so-called scientists trying to propose ideas infected infecting Africa's with a virus in order to test their so experience scenes. Obviously we're all very scared of something. No-one today's world expected to get to this point out. I obligated should extend to ourselves and our loved ones but the idea and sense of superiority that some fuel that they consent over us the lives of others for money owed to purposely infect others in the name of book carrying a again that sense of of the mini to demise disagree and save the right into the right to live from others. These are less. We have learned about other human beings. Perhaps they are lessons. That have always existed is on how the conference that would have happened in the past could never have been in. Today's will meet us would get these lessons. We have seen those who want to profit from this. Virus has stolen stolen essential supplies from hospitals. We have also seen those who have continuously A carelessly walk around with without taking any kind of precaution in potentially affecting anyone that come in contact with we have seen those wins cysts. Gather for weddings. Events caught his with thawed regard for anyone else other than on their own immediate pleasure but at the end we human beings incredibly resilient in those that know the true meaning of life know that in the end the scales of justice do balance themselves even when it seems forever. Well now remember that although left may bring you many storms love always

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