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Tonight less than a quarter


Half an inch loading like fifty sixty two tomorrow from eight news now Nathan Taliban for newstalk eight forty K. ex ante your news your city that's coverage of the day's top stories it's never that is evening news with Paul I had her and good evening on this Monday April the six twenty twenty Paul I enter with you thanks for making us a part of your evening sixty four degrees I didn't get that rain we thought we were gonna get today but it is still in the forecast as you heard from Nate and might be a little breezy from time to time but we'll all get through it for sure of it kind of a black kind of weak in store for us here but it's gonna warm up by the weekend I think it's been a little more time in your backyard doing all the things that you just didn't quite have enough time to do last weekend again thanks for joining us tonight let's get you the five biggest stories leaving radio dot com five days you know well this from Clark County southern Nevada leaders asking you to help show support for health care workers first responders and everyone on the front lines of the fight against the corona virus by going blue beginning tomorrow you can show your support by wearing something blue

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Tonight less than a quarter

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