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Could help us in at least lessening


In at least lessening the rates of severe illness and and death are coming along with covert nineteen this should be like finding out at what temperatures water boil right it should be a straight up scientific question the scientific quest and the policy implications of it are clear all get into those two with this should be a yes or no instead it turns into people are opposing this quite obviously quite visibly because trump is hoping that it works that is completely insane thunderstorms rumbling south of us up for tonight where they are active weather alerts are popping out in Virginia our temperatures down to fifty nine with showers and for the north west partly cloudy Wednesday high seventy seven showers Thursday high of sixty to turn sharply colder for Friday and Easter weekend with highs Friday of only fifty degrees on Friday night for thirty or forty degrees Saturday sunshine fifty nine I'm sorry more the weather channel on top forty six eighty WCBS news I'm Steve Rappaport the worst has yet to come but better days are ahead if one person dies it's a painful week now we know that's going to unfortunately happen there's a monster were fighting but signs are that our strategy is totally working every American has a role to

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Could help us in at least lessening

Buck Sexton Last month

We still could be dealing with a few showers here around day break on Friday

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder 2 d ago

The showers and thunderstorms are scattered today and temperatures eighty one a few thunder showers tonight

Derek Hunter 2 d ago

Offices throughout the bay

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 3 d ago

Hi Lisa listen Arraf fox news

Buck Sexton 3 d ago

Yesterday regional officials told governor Northam that most of the critical benchmarks had been Mets

WTOP 24 Hour News 4 d ago

Call or visit bay alarm dot com to get protected today

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If you see a problem let us

KCBS Radio Afternoon News 4 d ago

Mid upper eighties tomorrow with some sunny breaks

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Some fog in some low clouds

WBZ Midday News 4 d ago

Some fog in some low clouds

WBZ Midday News 4 d ago