What is ModelLand? Tyra Banks envisions a place where you feel like a top model for a day


I don it now we've already been to Disney world together I'm I'm hoping you and I can go to another amusement park together all this is going to be great is Tyra banks has really tapped in on our self obsession she noticed that everybody likes to take pretty pictures of themselves on Instagram people are ordering their own halo lights that make you look pretty that have those right away while he was in your pupils you know those are very good nice lighting and so she is opening something in Santa Monica called model land only and this is not just a pop up this is going to be a permanent stay and what you get to do there they're going to have a run way they're going to have beautiful lighting in there they have a hair and makeup stations and basically you get treated like a model for the day you get your hair make up done with high tech cameras are going to take pictures of you she's also going to use it as a place to scout models so if you go there you could be scouted for America's next top model wow no no well you could I would be fine if we should go look and just they just laugh yeah comedians out there are going to go in and just not take it seriously home went to Gemma pants but I think that this is a really great idea for her yes what a great marketing what a great business if there's anybody I should have this it's

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