Graham Brown: How To Influence, Engage, And Create Change Through Storytelling


In my leadership in the exponential era book one of the storytelling techniques. That I teach in workshops and I share it in the book is the three box. Transformation story inspired somewhat by Charles Dickinson Christmas cow. But I want to go into that just now because Christmas is already passed but just know that there are three boxes and this is how you can tell a story. A good example is when I came to Singapore and I moved to Singapore from Japan two years ago. I could have told people what I was doing there. People ask me. What are you doing here? Graham why are you in Singapore? I'm Ron and tell them what my job ause. I told him what I was going to build you see. I told them that. I came to Singapore to build podcast studio and a podcast business and that Saturday after I moved to Singapore. I put the call out linked in and said I'm going to build a podcast. Judea if you WANNA come along and help me build this and up the acoustic tiles and put in the wiring. Setup the microphones Akon pay with anything apart from kindness memories. Good Times a beer. And a whole bunch of people turned up owning youtube people in Singapore at the time but twelve people turned up to help me build the studio. And that's the point. That's the power of story if I said to somebody when they asked me. What are you doing unless said Yeah I do podcasts. It's a missed opportunity. Robin tell people what you do. Tell them what you're going to build. When you tell stories about you business you can break it down like that. Break it down to three boxes past present future. Let's have a look at those. It's very simple. If you want to tell people about you'll business why you hear what you're selling. Break it down into the three boxes. And if you WANNA go deeper into this cycle the exponential leadership book which is free by the way you can go and get a xl dot org. But I give a plug at the end of this podcast anyway. So you don't forget it for now past present future past. Where have you come from? What is the mindset that brought you here and what is the mindset? Also that holds people back present. What is the shape of the business that you all today and future? What is the shape of the business that you want to become now? You may think this may work for for example. The startup she does is a fantastic sales tool for start of but also works with multi billion dollar enterprises a great example of this. I've seen Tony Fernandez. Who is the CEO of Airasia when he talks about the future of the quote Unquote Airline? He doesn't talk about in the context of we're an allied. He uses the equivalent of the three bucks technique which is passed all is the mindset. That's holding his back. Well the mindset. That's holding AirAsia. Back is we're in allied. We sow tickets. We sell seats and yet if they want to grow they can't go on with that mindset they have to change it they have to even sell competitive tickets. They have to sell whole bunch of other different services ancillary services everything from music to food president. What's the shape of the business that we all today was the structure in which we need to innovate well? We're an ally but yet we have this ecosystem of partners we have venture fund that's funding these policies future. What's the shape of the business that we want to become? We doesn't talk about becoming a better airline. He talks about becoming a digital to travel platform. So maybe you hear Tony Fernandez Talk. He tells the story of Airasia. Tudo which is the journey from being an Anna sold tickets to a digital travel platform. Because you know the problem is this is that the future doesn't belong to the airline that flies the most plane but the travel company that solves the most problems unless what it's about storytelling is about sharing the journey of you and your business why you hear and what you're trying to get to and you can use storytelling everywhere. You can use it when you sell when you post on social media. Notice the difference between just telling people is what we do or just telling people were doing this now or telling people we just on this the difference from that to telling story about it you'll engagements on social media will increase significantly unlike. Weiss this podcast. I've shared stories with. I could just have told you that. Storytelling is a powerful tool and here are three things that you need to know. But then it's not about that like Maya Angelou. The author once wrote people. Soon forget what you told them but over? S- remember how you made them feel so that my name's Graham Brown signing of hopefully I gave you some insights into the world of

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