The Deep Divide Between Urban And Rural Voters


This next story features some of the most powerful moments of the conversations that team had in those words Steve Inskeep and Sarah McCammon found a deep divide this division is not quite the same as the red and blue partisan divide it's different from the gaps between races our incomes our generations the truth is it's bigger than all those divisions and it embraces all of them it's the divide between the city and the surrounding countryside in metro Charlotte we met urban and rural voters on the same day now we've heard their differing views on this program in past days today we hear what some think of each other I visited a predominantly black church in Charlotte it was within sight of the big skyscrapers downtown and there I met with local activists and I told them that you Steve had been talking with mostly white suburban and rural voters many of whom support president trump what do you think of I guess our neighbours and away who voted so differently from I K. said in church that's willing Fleming he's sixty three African American a long time activist in Charlotte I think anybody to anybody it did both the trump has to have the same school of thought a trump passed and as racism that I just don't believe in it I don't Sadam Vangelis preacher can stand up and have to give trump player than he does what he's talking about there is the way many white evangelical leaders have supported the president even after he admitted to paying off a porn star even through his impeachment we had this long conversation about politics in the state of the country and Karan mac because the local NWC P. president told me she feels like many white people just don't see their own racism what I've learned is this that black people do not seem to have the same level of work in this country our lives don't have worked in this country and it's been that way since the beginning of time to sixteen nineteen let's put it that way she's referring there to the years slavery started in the United States other voters described rural trump supporters as low information voters who don't understand how they rely on government programs like social security or farm subsidies Collette all sin is president of the African American caucus for the county Democratic Party I am going to say that a lot of people are just aren't educated they don't understand the system and the process and at the end of the day once that's understood I don't think that would have been a lot of people that would have voted for him but a lot of people are voting on a motion and fear and whatever so these voters feel marginalized by some of their white suburban and rural neighbors in the Charlotte area and they also feel like some of those neighbors just aren't seeing the big picture Schering your voters were not wrong there to talk about people voting on fear because some people do fear cities at the same day that you were in central Charlotte I was the far edge of the metro and went to a cafe in the small town called kings mountain and had breakfast in the corner with Tracy Stewart his mom Linda Stewart

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