Johann Sebastian Bach 1: About Johann Sebastian Bach


One of your parents doctor or lawyer and maybe as far back as they can remember everyone in their family has gone into the same profession while that's how it was with the Bach family all of them were musicians Johann. That's German for John. Sebastian Bach was born in sixteen eighty. Five in the German town of is enough. His father was the official town musician. There by the time was ten. Both his parents had died so he went to live with his older brother. Who was also a musician? Of course Johann Sebastian. Bach turned out to have very fleet fingers. He played a mean violin and by the time he was eighteen. He had a job as an organist. Bach held three main jobs over the course of his life. You can tell where he was working by. What kind of music? He wrote the first box. Big Jobs was official. Court organist for the Duke of Weimar so a lot of box great organ. Music comes from early on in his career. That Weimar job also had box serving as concert master. The head Honcho violinist of the Duke's orchestra when the Duke of Weimar decided not to make him conductor of the Orchestra. Bach was pretty unhappy. Then a visiting prince offered a job directing his orchestra but when Bach tried to quit his job in Weimar. The dukes said no way he even threw in jail for a month to try and make its point but it didn't work when Bach got out of jail. He headed straight to the town of curtain to work for the prince the prince had a wonderful orchestra so Bach wrote lots of instrumental music. While he was in curtain eventually balk moved onto his last job at the Saint. Thomas Lutheran Church. In the city of Leipzig. His title was cantor. That's what they called the choir and music director and it was a huge job box trained singers organized music for several churches in town and for the University of Leipzig and he composed new music every week for services at the Saint Thomas Church most of Bach's great choral music was written in Leipzig the choir at the Saint Thomas. Church still performs box music every week. One of the coolest things I ever got to do was sit in the church where Bach worked and listen to the choir sing. His music while Bach was alive. No one outside the towns in Germany where he worked had heard of him and people thought of him as just another working musician after he died people pretty much forgot about him until a century later when another composer Felix Mendelssohn dug out some of Bach's music and performed it after that the whole world recognized what a genius had been and Faulk may even be recognized beyond this world in nineteen seventy seven scientists sent the unmanned voyager spacecraft off to explore the galaxy. They put examples of the best that planet Earth had to offer on board and one of those examples was a recording of Johann Sebastian box. Brandenburg Concerto number.

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