Woman, 28, sexually assaulted on Chicago’s North Side, police say


There's been no arrests yet after a woman reported being raped during a ride Cher that began outside Chicago's Redmond's ale house in the lake view neighborhood WGN Sean Lewis reporting from the north side the twenty eight year old woman got into that over about seven forty Sunday evening picked up outside Redmond's ale house here in the thirty three hundred block of north Sheffield police say that that uber was hailed by an employee of the bar and made sure that the woman got into the correct vehicle the address entered in to drop her off was for thirty three hundred block of north Karloff that address is on the woman's ID but not her current address someone on the block though recognize their old neighbor and called police to report the sexual assault a woman was taken to an area hospital for an exam WGN spoke with Sam simple she lives near that bar it's sad to hear that I have been right here because you know I lived on the street so it's like it's sad to think that I go to this bar all the time so that's makes me worried you know about just going out in general a lot about things have been

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