Trump pushes $2 trillion infrastructure package


With so many people out of work during the pandemic is now the time to rebuild America's infrastructure and create jobs that's what president trump is suggesting and house speaker Nancy Pelosi doesn't think it's a bad idea ABC news Washington correspondent Andy field joint como's Lisa Jaffe and Rick van sice anti what kind of projects are we talking about and and how much would this cost well the president said the price tag would go upwards of two trillion dollars now we you know we just passed a two trillion dollar bills that would put the country another two trillion dollars of all are the doesn't seem to be any way to pay for it other than to stimulate the economy I the price tag was a one trillion half of that about a year ago well actually back last fall when none of the Democrats and the Republicans came to preserve the site the president and the president declined stormed out of that meeting because he said I'm not gonna talk about anything to you guys stop investigating we stop writing impeachment and that's the last time we talked about this well now we're in a crisis the president says interest rates are at zero is a great time to do it they have to close in a rare moment of agreement says yes it is and certainly put a lot of people back to work right away and what better time to rebuild the roads and bridges what no one's driving well and not just that but we're talking about other infrastructure to such is what the internet broadband and water and that kind of thing all these projects would be possible possible but of course then you have the usual problems of going through regulations and getting things approved an eminent domain names were rose would have to go through neighborhoods club them so as much as this sounds fantastic it's not as easy sure the bomb and the first thing is to get that thing approved in Congress we had something similar back in two thousand eight the problem is that the money got approved but a lot of it never got used for any of the construction projects well you talk about that you talk also any about the infrastructure bill as it's known has been kicking around Congress for for a while now but under these circumstances what's likely to happen next is anybody there up on the hill suggested Hey we better at least take the next step on this yes hello this is one of the personal information they when they come back from this extended recess and she doesn't expect Congress to come back at least until the end of this month or maybe a little bit sooner the president's talking about this but we don't know what the next few weeks will bring here we go at this news conference you mentioned I'm near you giving some kneeling Dyer's science fiction disaster movie like numbers in terms of how many people might die and that's it we all obey the stay home rules that's how bad it's gotten in other places those of the bottles are using so the advice that we kept hearing over and over and over again forget the infrastructure build the money being paid to post everything is simply stay home stay away from people and will that advice be taken by Congress me talk about them coming back is there a chance that the next session will just be delayed until this thing settles down it's possible I mean the president keeps pushing these numbers back further and further anti for anti poaching twenty percent of these models he basically said look we're going to see some deaths from this perhaps all the way into June June doesn't mean of pre pandemic is a lesson he says it will be getting significantly better before that but a lot of times of sickness in the the depths wag the actual lessening of the

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