How COVID-19 Is Taking Us Back to the Core of Training and Human Movement


Jeremy. Good to talk to you man. I feel like we talk about youth sports a lot and what would happen. I think about what happened if there was a big just atomic bomb so to speak dropped on the youth sports industry and it had to kind of restart from the ashes and on some level. Maybe were were there at least for the time being. But what do you think about that stuff with how kids are? What's what's what's happening in the level of kids in play right now with all that. Yeah well I think that you're stuck. You're stuck at home. You're stuck in your neighborhood and even are not even allowed you know. The kids are excited to be at a school right. You can't go anywhere you can't go to anyone's house you can't go on you know go play with any kids are not a close anyways so as we were saying before it's like. I think the one of the things that kids are doing a lot of that. I've seen it might have been doing it as ride bikes. You know because you typically away from each other. You're not too close not jumping wrestling like that. So I think that's one those things that You know we've talked about this before two things. The kids used to do that. Don't do anymore and this is one of a ride. Bikes is sort of like brought back from the ashes. Which is which is nice to see any other thing like we've been. We've been playing a lot of wiffle ball stick ball you know any of those games. We took the dog out the other day. I had up by one of my sons aluminum bat and I had aluminum bat. And we're GONNA tennis ball back and forth down the down the street to each other while the dog ran in the middle. You know what I mean. That's typically. He's at baseball practice or or or basketball practice. We even die. I don't know if you see my video but I we moved the We have a trampoline at our house and we moved the basketball hoop over above the trampoline. So that gets throwdown dunks and and play different games inside the inside trampoline which is pretty awesome too. So I know someone's going to get their hands header with gotten these days but still I'm worth I'll take that chance. Yeah they're gonNA be one of those youtube videos were like they're they're gets caught at their hanging upside down when I went out Saturday night my youngest son see seventy was like just hanging on the red after a dunk thinking these lebrons so you know it's keeping them busy and to keep it a move in and that's we need right now for sure. Yeah and it's going back at. Ci taking kids out of organized sports for the time being going back to the the fundamentals of everything the thing they probably should be doing more of right now anyways then I I like CR- with riding bikes to it. Just makes me think about all the all the creativity that comes out when kids ride bikes to you know you're coming. You're find different ways to go off curbs and and you know get around and then there's you know even though it's a bike and that's not necessarily running on the ground there's still. There's so many things that are happening. That are really exciting. Yeah Yeah for sure. There's a lot of like you know those those those little skills that you don't even think about like dynamic balance and and you know being able to like lateral balance. That's one of those ones right like side like you get you get good even like when you try to accelerate your like believing that bike like side to side while you're driving your feet it's route. I always loved how that looks when you see like Bmx guys racing stuff. So in of course the first thing my kids one of my kids did is the ramp who is that. They took their bike out. So everyone's riding down a little hill in China hit the ramp and jumping off the ramp and obviously someone falls right. Got To get up and scrape it off and stuff like that so but it's Yeah I feel like silver lining. I guess some of the things that are happening because of what's happening in the world where we're having to go back to things that that we did when we were kids you know so. It's it's exciting for I. Guess but I'm still not easy like my kids. Still my kids still have chromebooks and then they still WanNa go on there and and spend a Lotta time doing that. Stuff for playing. Ps four and all that but but You know that's one of those things where we have to deal with that to work around it yet. Yeah no I hear you. It's definitely a little bit of a balanced specially this age. But I I'd seen someone else posts out on social media. They said both for the first time in forever whatnot. I've seen Esau kids playing like in the neighborhood or something like that and I mean people like even just so many people who walk through my neighborhood as well you know what I mean just that I don't normally see just out for walks and trying to get outside Nocco stir-crazy inside their house so there was like two ladies walking around on Friday night at. They both had glasses of wine. Just walk into the streets hysterical hub. Jerry you had posted something about and I'm not too familiar with Something I I. I'm assuming someone had a more formal like he's pushups or like. Get your sweat on for kids. Type training thing you posted and versus as we've been talking about just kids playing and doing doing stuff right and so tell me a little bit about that in verse so that have been tallied versus some of the year. What your kids are doing. I think you ought to fund story to about your son had to run up the stairs and touch the various like furniture in a room and come back or so. Tell me about a little contrast between that type of mentality and then what you're doing so I think that it's not. I'm not trying to blame anyone but I think like you know. Probably some parents are adults. Think like Oh you know I do. This type of this type of exercise is good for me. It's probably good for kids and while moving is great for kids the only mean they don't respond or really care or have like the maturity to understand what exercise really is you know what I mean. They only movement they know games. They know things that engages them. It makes them happy. You know what I mean so I think that I think that trying to force them to do. Exercise is because you do it in or I should say an adult. Does it You Know I. It's obviously yeah. Movement is great but there's better ways in it's better ways to engage kids in there's better ways to get them to love movement that rather than get him to force them to do exercise in. It's like everybody way program. It's gotta be like just like you got to the ideas like to be out of breast while if you want kids to be out of breath outside play game of tag or play a game of hide seek or you know. Play a game of like a chase. Where like you have to run down. Play pickle those games kids have fun. There's objective they can they? There's A. There's a goal you know you've got to be safe for. You're going to be out you know there's things like that that they totally grasp and understand And so that's why I think those type of activities are so much better than just can't get the try to exercise you know. Obviously there's a point where a kid probably can exercise like I have a son that is He'll be thirteen in in a month right and he the day he was. He didn't WanNa go outside. Blais you know play with younger kids so I was like. Why don't you go downstairs in? You know go get a workout in. So he went out and did like you know thirty seconds so lunches medicine lamps and you know he did some he doesn't care about swings and things like that so he's sort of getting making that transition whereas like my younger my youngest son you know. He'll he'll plan a trampoline. He'll run around. He'll ask me to make him an obstacle course. Who WANNA wrestle? Daughter judge gymnastics so I brought home some gymnastics mats and she does cartwheels and flips and things like that. You know what I mean. So I think that's where you got to try to find movements and exercise and activities. That kids enjoy. That will lead them to do more than you know. Up Thirty minutes sweat of a body

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