Malaria Drug Helps Coronavirus Patients Improve, in Small Study


We're starting to see some promise shown in various drugs that are being used to treat corona virus in your times reported that the malaria drug the president trump had been promoting hydroxy chloroquine not detecting cleaner you idiots hydroxy chloroquine and that that is actually been effective according to The New York Times no Larry address address the floor clean up to speed the recovery of a small number of patients mildly ill from the coronavirus according to doctors in China William Shatner infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt that is going to spend it send a ripple of excitement out through the trading community that's what it was small and limited to patients were mildly or moderately ill not severe cases but we're starting to see some evidence emerge Dr oz actually talk about this and he said yeah that we're seeing some we're seeing some news that the hydroxy floor cleaners is actually effective all the patients had the mall near when they started over the course of the five day treatment with the hydrochloric when a fifty five percent of the control population where they just got to normal therapy there's that wasn't resolved the resolution of the pneumonia eighty one percent of the patients on that record when there was improvement in the logs images in addition and that was small those by the way I everything I've said is that physically significant even at sixty two patients despite being small they still got the measures that we like to see that is very good news Dr Sanjay Gupta of course comments over at CNN is their chief medical correspondent he just would rather still unproven treatments for cover nineteen a number of trials are in the works we don't know if any of them will show effectiveness against the novel coronavirus here if you might have heard of these I dropped the floor clean and clear clean these related drugs are used to treat conditions like malaria and autoimmune diseases there's limited evidence partially from studies on human cells it could have anti viral effects when I process is being that they could make it harder for coronavirus enter human cells thank you said the evidence isn't there history should make us cautious in the past chloroquine showed promise in vitro against influenza but ultimately can prevent infection in humans he says the danger isn't just false hope we see shortages of these drugs which people need for unrelated conditions now as you read this severe which is one of a number of anti viral treatments doctors are looking into now they work by blocking the virus ability to replicate says this was developed by Gilead sciences previously Gilead sciences previously tested against people and mirrors it is not been approved as a treatment yes other anti retroviral drugs are also being tested like a combination of HIV drugs a randomized trial published this month found they did not improve seriously ill patients compared to standard care alone and then there's convalescent plasma which is taking a component of blood from people very recovered and hoping that their antibodies could mitigate the effects and people were exposed or infected he said we tested this with the ball up to get this up and running we need to ramp up antibody testing a blood test different from the nasal swab we've been hearing about he says the list isn't exhaustive nothing has been proven to work so far he says right now again don't rely on all this but we're we're seeing some promising treatments but we just don't have enough evidence to say that this is definitely the the be all end all at this

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