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Eight Hyman is credited with registering the first patent for a pencil with an attached a racer on the


With an attached a racer on the this week in eighteen eighty nine the Eiffel Tower is dedicated in Paris and the ceremony presided over by Gustave Eiffel the tower's designer intended by French prime minister Pierre the Eiffel Tower remain the world's tallest man made structure until the completion of the Chrysler building in New York in nineteen thirty incredibly the Eiffel Tower was almost demolished when the twenty year lease on the land expired in nineteen oh nine but its value as an antenna for radio transmissions jumping way ahead this week in nineteen seventy eight at the fiftieth annual Academy Awards held at the Dorothy Chandler pavilion in Los Angeles huge upset as woody Allen's Annie hall won the Oscar for Best Picture feeding out George Lucas's epic Star Wars and this week in nineteen ninety two a jury in New York finds mobster John Gotti nicknamed the teflon don for his ability to elude conviction guilty on thirteen counts including murder and racketeering in the wake of the conviction the assistant director of the FBI's New York office James fox was quoted as saying don is covered in velcro every charge stuff June twenty third at your county was sentenced to life in prison dealing a significant blow to organized crime what happens thanks for listening to this week in history on I heart radio Hey everybody we are lady antebellum when we started out in Nashville we never imagined what we're going to be able to achieve we got here because we work together and had each other's backs in America we have the privilege of being a diverse society made up of people from all kinds of backgrounds and that's a big part of what makes this country such a great place to live when we put aside our differences and work together there is no challenge too great to overcome this message is brought to you by the U. S. Air Force let me route this last half hour here on them of course will try to squeeze your calls in as well

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Eight Hyman is credited with registering the first patent for a pencil with an attached a racer on the

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