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Well good news finally we need some good news all is banning


News all is banning ads against trump's response to corona virus what yeah that we Google is banning ads in response to corona virus yes for vertical dot com spread around the world Google decided to ban most non governmental advertising about the outbreak in an effort to defeat misinformation fraud and scams so like did you have an example of what an ad that they would ban looks like prominent democratic pacs in recent days of funneled millions of dollars into television ads accusing trump of mishandling the coronavirus crisis but staffers of several democratic nonprofits and digital ad berms realize this week that they would not be able to use Google's dominant add tools to spread true information about president trump's handling of the outbreak okay so Democrats want to run ads that say trump sucks at handling this crisis and Google is saying no because they say it will spread misinformation about the virus so for public help very public health reasons and I'll let him do it okay what is misinformation now I but this is this is when we get really sticky into this whole first amendment thing right I mean I it's it is really sticky though this is sticky stuff I mean I'm not saying I want them to do it right just saying that this is where we get a really Mandy's these platforms are so wack now it's all whack I mean I saw I was controlling information yeah I mean I guess that would go for any Republican ads against supporting trump's response right and I guess this this just goes for all Pacad Zach how they're doing it yeah the company is only allowed PSA style ad from government agencies such as the centers for disease control and trusted health bodies like the World Health Organization which that's questionable but okay multiple democratic

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Well good news finally we need some good news all is banning

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