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Privilege and the honor to meet for the First Time. A remarkable little boy that. I wanted to make for the moment. I heard his story his name is Mattie Stepanov and I hear he's an extraordinary person. He's only eleven years old. I've spoken to him on the phone several times but today's the first time we're actually meeting in person. Here's Maddie story. I want people to know Ma knife philosophy to remember to play after every storm. Maddie's Depan it is an extraordinary eleven-year-old living through difficult storm. He was born with a rare form of muscular dystrophy. He feel it in your muscles. You feel muscle pain DMC around. I need my wheelchair I I need. Oxygen Maddie's mom ginny also. Has the disease did not discover until after she had had four children. Katie died when she was two years old stevie died at six months of age and Jamie died when he was four years old. Manny has miraculously just turned eleven which nobody would have ever guessed possible from a very young age. Mattie was special even while tethered to oxygen he earned a junior black belt in martial arts and now he home schools at the eleventh grade level but his real gift is the poetry he writes. I have a song deep in my heart. I right to express my thoughts my feelings. I want people to think a few poems are fine but most of them are so that we can understand how we need to listen to our hearts songs and spread page with each other. You hear the word heart songs a lot in his poetry heart song is your inner beauty. It's the song in your heart. That wants you to help. Make yourself better per sin and to help other people do the same. Mattie is a very unique spirit A lot of people would say he's an old soul spiritual and he's hopeful for something bigger than himself. When I grow up I not only want to be a pacemaker. I'll be other have stuff. Dan Malls at treat like my children for a boy so full of life. He came very close to dying this year. Mattie spent about five months and the Intensive Care Unit at Children's National Medical Center in DC came so custody debt. I saw in comedy great me into Heaven with his health failing and time running out mattis. Three lifelong wishes had not yet been granted. I had three wishes and they are one town. My Book published. I can spread the message. Be World to talk peace with my hero. Jimmy Carter and meet with a win. Free BODY GOT. I wish to books of poetry published in the last four months and with a phone call. Second wish came true. They picked up the phone and handed it to me. Was Jimmy Carter. It was so I couldn't believe it. Mattie was very sick clinging to life but he wanted to return to the comforts of home the day before he came home from the hospital. Mattie night parade very very hard and Matty's prayer was that he was coming home to live and all the bleeding it stopped. I call it a miracle. I really think I'm here for fish because in my life I've had so many close calls to dying even if it takes me one year or one thousand I have to. I was meant to do. Shares the Dow. So here you made in your thank you your everything I imagine you. This is your first time flying coming to yes. It was. What was that like for you? It was amazing from me. I mean even especially when we had to go through this huge cloud we would I saw cloud coming and I figured they would. Just go around it all of a sudden. I'm surrounded by white stuff. Fell like algebra fluffy more. Mellow fluffy marshmallow. That's that's my mom. However she was a little anxious right a little. Play it simply. That's putting it simply. How are you how is your health? How are you doing? I'm doing a lot better healthwise I'm doing very well. Excitement wise a lot of grownups. They tried to get you to let go of the three wishes but you held onto them. Yes because because they were things that will last forever going to Disney. Well and in a week having shopping spree day but being able to talk to Jimmy Carter being able to have my books. Publish- being able to talk to you here today nests forever. He's four so you've been writing poetry since you were. How old about three. Yeah I would go to my mom on the WHO would be typing on the computer. Either School were playing solitaire and I would say mommy. Can you write something down for me please? And to assure I would tell these poems and she would type them down for me and then when I learned to write and all so known that I was making poetry. What you were doing yes I would. I was shows expressing my feelings. I just saying what I felt like. I needed to stay home. I learned to write so I wrote end dictated and now most of the time. I just go to my computer type book some poems and so you started calling it heart songs because what was the song in my heart it was the CICCIO. My heart hurt. Song doesn't have to be a song in your heart even talking about Lavin peers. It can just be your suit can be your F- feeling some people might even call it a conscience even though that's not really what it is. It's your message what you feel you need to do. And everybody has it. Everyone no matter what it is it. It's still sings the same beautiful to peace and love but people now are fighting over. How are harp songs are different? But I don't need to be the same. A heart tongue zone need to be the same because everybody has different woods. Yes and that's the beauty. We are almost sake of gifts and each was has our inner beauty. No matter how we look I mean you're very beautiful for no but it's our interview. I read your first book the Now the Second Book Journey through hearts come out and I have my own favourite poems. I ask you. Where did these were these come from? Just they are my feelings life experience. I mean like I said when I was little outside Mommy. Can you type this up for me? Your your life experiences Mr Levin Euro dealings. Don't you think you're wise beyond your years? Don't you yes thank you. Yes

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