Chicago - Employees at Haymarket Center say COVID-19 concerns being swept under the rug


Treatment treatment facility facility in in Chicago Chicago sick sick an an outbreak outbreak of of cover cover nineteen nineteen which which has has led led to to two two deaths deaths forty forty Goodman joins us live with more good morning Courtney well good morning to you lord and then you know some employees came forward expressing grave concerns about a cool bit nineteen outbreak at the Haymarket center two employees have already died and we have learned that a total of forty one people affiliated with the treatment center have already tested positive for covert nineteen Haymarket center's been around for forty five years as the mental health and substance abuse treatment facility that has both in an outpatient plants its house in the nine hundred block of west Washington in the west loop and so far at least twenty nine patients and twelve employees have contracted Kobe nineteen employees came to WGNO tells the fear of this treatment facility is sweeping this outbreak under the rug and they are scared for their own health especially after seeing two other coworkers died as for those twenty nine patients who were diagnosed with Kobe nineteen we're told they're being isolated on the third floor of the facility while the employees are quarantined at home workers say back in March they were deemed essential by management and were offered an additional three hundred dollars per pay period if they did not call off during this pandemic at three hundred dollars comments it's substitute shock and like the humor it knows that and I think they're taking advantage of to respond to a lot of people to come to work when they're feeling under the weather order the only state in our class working back so we did talk with a markets president CEO and a public relations firm representing that facility they told us this in a statement we have repeatedly asked staff to stay at home if they have symptoms we are screening employees twice a day and many health care providers are offering bonuses to thank employees were doing a difficult job and to help pay for childcare transportation market is not unique nor trying to incentivize employees to come to work if they are ill or worried about being there now the employee that we spoke to tells us they feel as if this population of patients who often overlooked is now being neglected we know that the city of Chicago and the state are now working with the Haymarket center to address this outbreak

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