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OnePlus 8 is a worthy rival to the Galaxy S20



What me Netphone Review Lynn Law. A chance. Check out both the workplace eight and it's hiring variant. The one plus eight pro first off linke to start taking the two devices are the new bells and whistles sure Well summer the one plus eight pro is slightly larger some more high end phone. It's slightly more expensive. And it has four cameras and the one eight is more affordable and it has three cameras. But what's interesting about? Both of them is that they have five G. Just in terms of any other differences that would I'm stepping up to the one plus a pro. What are of the extra features that I would get that? I wouldn't get with the one. Eight pro is more advanced. So it has a one hundred twenty hertz display which means refreshes at a faster rate most phones refresh at sixty frames per second and the one plus eight refreshes at ninety eight pro also has a few more software tweaks when it comes to comforter -bility and the display and of course there's wireless charging which a lot of one plus fans have been waiting for and reversed wireless charging so it charges. Other accessories about is not available in the oneplus. Eight right. Yes that is not available. Oh and another thing. Is that the one plus eight pro all versions of it is water resistant or is rated for Ip water resistance and the one plus eight. It's carrier versions are rated for water resistance but the unlock version of. It is not a kid but I know the question is. How much do these phone cost with? A one eight starts at six ninety nine for one hundred twenty eight gigs and if you WANNA double the memory. That's going to be seven. Ninety nine but horizon is selling it for slightly more expensive one hundred dollars more at seven in the hundred twenty eight Gig. Vision is seven nine two and the eight pro starts at eight ninety nine and then the next capacity is ninety nine so there's a lot of versions a lot of memory capacities a lot of tweaks that we've got to consider but basically eight starts at six ninety. Nine unlocked is what you can kind of take away from that schedule and so I mean bottom line because you spent some time with these phones already your how do they stack up against the competition. Specifically you know Samsung in its galaxy. S Twenty Line. That's really what one plus is going after here rights hardcore users. More savvy users right. Yeah I mean compared to pass models and following one kind of product line. It's definitely more expensive in years past. I mean I think it's kind of crazy to think that the one plus eight is now the same price as an iphone. Eleven a couple years ago. We would never think that a oneplus phone would be the same price as an iphone. But even that it's still more affordable than its high end android competitors. I mean the most expensive version of eight proce is where the galaxy s when he starts and the eight doesn't have a lot of like you said the bells and whistles of both the eight pro and the Galaxy Twenty doesn't have wireless charging as no reverse charging and neither of the one plus phones have expandable memory but I do think it's still a good deal. You'll still get some stuff for the galaxy. Est Twenty I think the cameras slightly better and it can record AK video though. One plus funds record at four K. But that's if you really want to be kind of at the top tier edge of technology and the one plus eight pro still offers that and the one plus eight which is the one I prefer gives a a really high android experience at a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than the Galaxy s twenty. Yeah it's interesting. How much time. They also spent a one of the colors. Of the worst say it's the interstellar is at the Elliott the interstellar I had time I got to spend time with that and I gotta say for lack of a better word. It is very cute. I really liked it but it does kind of chops a lot of fingerprints. I found myself like wiping it down a lot

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