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This is what I wrote in my journal. On the night of November Fifteenth Nineteen eighty-eight. I had such anxiety and exhilaration pulling out that wagon fat. I can't believe those genes finally fit after this ten year struggle with weight. It's finally over or so. I thought it was really just the beginning of a real physical and emotional battle against weight and all that it has meant to me. If Wade has been an issue for you today show will hopefully lead you to win your own battle. That's why I'm doing it. I'll take you through all the steps. I've been through beginning with peeling away. The emotional layers the most important then onto pilling away the physical and I was just so proud of myself just having the discipline to not eat for four months straight. I had no idea of the physical trauma. I put my body through northern emotional trauma. That was ahead. I've kept journals almost all my life and although I've experienced incredible changes throughout my career my weight was all consuming November. Twenty ninth nine thousand nine hundred eighty eight exactly two weeks after the Diet show. I've gained five pounds. I'm one hundred fifty today. I've been eating out of control. I've got to rein in in. I still can't get used to being thin. December seven. Th One thousand nine hundred ninety eight. I read an article today. One criticizing me for the Revlon. Shoot making fun of the weight loss saying. Let's see her in two years. It really hurt my feelings. I'll show them December twelve thousand nine hundred eighty eight. I love doing the revlon shoot. It changed the way I felt about me. Never imagined myself is beautiful but that ad made me feel beautiful so for that reason alone it was worth shooting just to feel that December thirteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. I came home and ate as much zero as I could hold a junk all day. Not Good at all. I never cited how. I'm going to keep the weight off. I keep experimenting testing how much I can eat. It's also ridiculous. How am I going to get through the holidays without gaining December twenty? Six one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. There's a party in Aspen. I don't WanNa go. I've gained five more pounds. One fifty five January. Second Nineteen eighty-nine. This was my day to start dieting again instead. I made pork chops and ate them. Oh well tomorrow's another day Miss Scarlet. The holidays are officially over. So what's IT GONNA be for me fasting again? I don't know if I have it in me. January seventh nineteen eighty-nine. I'm out of control. Start out my day trying to fast by noon. I was frustrated. Hungry just thinking about the agony of at all a bowl of raisin bran left. The House bought some Caramel. Corn came back at three staring at food in the cabinets. And now I want some fries with lots of salt out of Control. January nineteenth nineteen thousand nine hundred fifty eight pounds. I'm bordering on disaster. I feel it coming. I'm wondering fifty-eight eating everything in sight. I need help. Old Patterns have emerged are taking over if I don't fast this entire weekend then Monday. I seek professional counseling. That's the deal complete and total fast January twenty first nineteen eighty nine. I lied to myself about professional counseling. I'm not ready to submit to it. March nine hundred eighty nine. This is what I wish for the absolutely eliminate weight as an issue for myself that I will not eat drink or consume anything that will prevent me from reaching my goal. That is what I wish for the determination and will to do it. Just do it no matter what it is possible and I will November Fourteenth Nineteen eighty-nine anniversary of the Diet. Show one hundred sixty eight pounds. I'm thoroughly disgusted with myself. I couldn't even get then for the anniversary show whereas my resolve every day I wake in with good intentions and then I fail November twenty third. Nineteen eighty-nine Thanksgiving Day. One hundred seventy five pounds. Which really is a fat person again? I've lost my resolve trying to find a way to carry on the battle December. First Nineteen eighty-nine. I'm still battling what has been for me. A lifetime struggle. I thought that have to November. One thousand nine hundred fifteen diet anniversary show at least weight is an issue. Stop being afraid that someone was going to bring it up and say. Hey Oprah haven't you gain weight and go on with my life not. I'm still struggling. Just cook rice and smother chicken. I Edman I was supposed to eat only a salad instead. I eat the salad and the chicken. I'm going to look this. I just don't know how right now December thirteenth one thousand nine hundred nine the new studios looking great. We'll be moving in the first of the year. The farmhouse is coming together two. Everything's going so well. So why do I still feel compelled to eat February sixteenth nineteen ninety? I'm in dire need of help with my weight. Almost on the verge of being overcome had a woman come into hair analysis going to determine what kind of vitamins I need. It's unbelievable I'm still looking for miracle cures what happened to my new year's resolution and then my thirty six year old birthday resolution. I don't know I just know I'm in trouble. I'm one hundred eighty pounds now. I wake every morning hating myself in the weight predicament. I'm in fifteen pounds ago. I would have thought this impossible. I'm not inching but galloping towards the two hundred pound mark I vowed to be back to one hundred fifty pounds by the Hope Award April Twenty Eighth Nineteen Ninety exhausted. I Work Twenty hours today. We'll have to do the same tomorrow. I'm worried about booster place. Eating snacks all day from the craft table. I hate seeing myself on film. June twelfth nineteen ninety. I'm carrying fat around. Its overcoming me. One hundred ninety one pounds overcome June eighteen thousand nine hundred ninety. I woke up the past four days hating myself because I hadn't fasted or at least stuck to some kind of plan trying to lose ten pounds in a week so I can put on this next week for the emmys. July nineteenth nineteen ninety never lost weight for the EMMYS instead of game. Five more. I'm one ninety-six still trying to reckon myself still in the closet assessing all the winter clothes. I won't be able to wear nothing. Fits I dread walking into the Fat Lady Stores August Eleventh? Nineteen ninety trying to be in the spirit. The fat has stopped me from feeling so blocked. I cannot think August Fifteenth Nineteen Ninety. I cried in my office cried because I know that lots of people have been discussing it. No one says anything but I feel them avoiding the subject. A CRY FOR MY POOR MISERABLE SELF. Having gotten to the state scale said two hundred and three pounds this morning controlled just controlled by it. Every day waking up with a plan by the end of the day not following through billing diminished less of a person. Guilty ugly you name it trying to gain control knowing that God says I already have it where is it? God dancing on the MC Hammer show with the fattest behind. I've ever seen I saw that tape and can't denied anymore. I really am fat again. They're in new fat clothes. Making me look even bigger feeling just about as low as one can about myself knowing that. I'm being blocked. August twenty fifth one thousand nine hundred ninety. Did a diets don't work. Seminar stood in a room in a bathing suit and admitted that I was two hundred pounds. That was hard September ninth nine hundred ninety instead of losing fifty pounds for the hope awards I gained had to have the for breakout redone. I DIDN'T WANNA go worried about people saying how fat I was made the worst dressed lists with marge. Simpson described his bumpy dumpy and downright lumpy. Gallon I thought I'd looked pretty decent in January. Twenty ninth nine hundred. Ninety one turned thirty seven. I have a New Vision for myself to become lean fit. Strong physically emotionally spiritually food alone. Isn't the answer. What is February twentieth? Nineteen ninety-one went on vacation and gained eight pounds bringing me to an all-time Ping two hundred twenty six pounds. So big unproportionate fat in the face unable to move freely that I don't know this self

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