Falcons could field an offense with 11 first-round draft picks


So we had a truck a couple of signings by the Atlanta Falcons over the weekend right to pick up tight end Hayden Hurst from the Baltimore Ravens and they also acquired look Kwan Treadwell a former number one pick for the Minnesota Vikings yeah as the Atlanta falcons roster currently stands right now on offense alone just on offense they have a Levin former first round picks all of these former first round picks quarterback Matt Ryan first round pick Todd Gurley who sign when he was released first round pick Julio Jones first round pick Calvin Ridley first round pick the Quantrill first round pick Hayden Hurst first round pick left tackle Jake Matthews first round pick left guard James carpenter first round pick center Alex Mack former first round pick Chris Lindstrom the right guard former first round pick and right tackle Caleb McGary also that he first started his first round eleven is incredible let them all eleven of them a former first round pick I mean there's no way that's ever happened before right I can't believe that what ever but here's the real question if you had to redraft everyone of these players how many would be former first rounder this okay because I think this is fair Lidstrom McGarry and carpenter I've always been really what one or two years no it's been really since two thousand eleven okay yeah so let's remind me Gerry I think you were taken off or taken them out yeah okay so all of the other nine how many would be redrafted as a first round what's what's going on it's not right absolutely no question that runs for Todd Gurley no yeah I I would say no I would sit well I would say no one quite frankly his a conversation about the value of the position in general could also affect the new with him that was the thing coming out of college yes I look he has fifty eight rushing touchdowns over his first whatever seasons and all the other ones are either in the hall of Famer going let me just say six are we saying first rounder today or go back to the beginning again it would re drawing back to the beginning again because I'm currently the way Todd Gurley came out I mean would you not still take him in the first one that's the question now right are you going to pay for that kind of production from a running back anymore we saw Christian McCaffrey Leonard for net like there's been plenty examples of even a legal or not re signing a big second contract drafting a great one of the first round can still benefit you a lot okay I'm just trying to get to it you know is that what they've done in their right career does that mean where are the first roll worthy to me the girly thing is to your point he had a knee injury coming out of college and right when they signed with the red sign that long term deal with they're trying they got out of now then he was going to be chronic so to me the top group member he was the first one that airports reset the market for running backs and it turned out no he just re establish the old line of thinking but that first three years of production would you that would you spend a first round pick on that because we saw that rand's office how much in common now it always goes like this with the running game but in combination with an offense of line that did really well what you brought into what worth over would you pay for that as the foundation of your off I'm beginning to go the Melkite around here that I'm not sure running back as well because Melvin Gordon was in that same draft and Melvin Gordon is on his team I got an extreme I think that's the biggest conversation we could take out of this is the running back position record number mellow one point eighty never take a running back in the first Rana I wonder for we're slowly but surely going back to it I mean there was a contract a couple years ago with the first running back off the board was late second round out of Tennessee and I think we're going back to that after a bevy running backs being taken so we were definitely in on Matt Ryan yes we're out on Todd Gurley a legit is amazing looking back at Todd Gurley's draft class there's not a lot of got like if you're talking about reworking the top ten Todd Gurley might be the most wealthy in that group maybe outside of Amari Cooper yeah we can we can have that discussion later because that's in it read graphic I think is always fast and you have to wait a certain amount of time Julio Jones know quite well right Calvin Ridley first round too early again I think it's too early last year what he had sixty three receptions okay just under nine hundred okay seven touchdowns I would mean he also can't account for how bad that team ask me yes or no right now I'd say yes but I still think it might be too early Hayden Hurst no not because look they they took marketers later in the draft in the third round he clearly became the tight end of Baltimore which made Hayden Hurst by the way has taken in the first row before Lamar Jackson R. Jackson for Lamar starting you know tight on that team right now marketers you said right Hayden Hurst also dealt with some injuries and stuff there too that's okay in perfect sample size and when you have a guy come on like marquetry who could predict that the way that offense ended up of what he was the Mackey award winner a what he was coming home with one truck will no no Jake Matthews yes I think so I think so I think so do not I meet yeah yeah I mean yes he's been there he's been there is a second contract I also wrote a like doesn't miss a lot of games he's he's dependable yeah I think that's what it our printer are probably not I mean he's he's been a guy that's been in the league for nine years now dependable guy but we're talking about first round right you know I mean when you're twenty four we'll talk about for sure we're talking about top ten picks like a lot yeah yeah yeah I I'd probably lean toward no on that as well yeah yeah Alex Mack yeah absolutely yeah yeah and then the other than what we remember and I think Lidstrom would be headed in that direction yeah kill the guy who's more reach last year get killed the one I have questions about obviously we know the health concerns that existed before the draft earning a hard issue that he had had to deal with early in this time oxygen so there's a lot to hash out with those two but just I mean blows off the page when you just read that number the every single hundred dinners with that crew yeah what eleven Ryan still got its still on that ride to reach for the paycheck first but everyone else has to at least go for their wallets and act like there's also a common I do with you know with my dad so you got rid you got Ridley help you got got this R. Ridley Hearst links from a Gerry all still on their rookie deals you know wrecked yeah everybody else is is all for them yeah if I'm looking at yes correct so yeah they're all fascinating eleven a former first rounders on

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