Tennis adapting to the new normal: French Open 'unilateral' September Switch; 'Flushing-Garros' slams back-to-back?; Laver Cup & ATP/WTA responses analysed; 'Excusez-moi?' Players find out on social media; Tips for fans to cope with no tennis


Everyone and welcome to the passing Shaw. The tennis poke caused by fans four fans with your host Jolan Kim. Today on the show. We're going to be bringing you up to speed on all the latest developments of the corona virus hit tennis season including the French controversial date change the ATP and WBZ's movement to a collective approach decision making and how players are keeping on their training routines in home. Kim I find this all very surreal. It could have been Indian Wells. Men's Fund will stay. We could have been previewing the AP we could have been. Who knows. Maybe looking forward to Andy Murray in back onto a tennis court but unfortunately sadly all that is on hold seemingly indefinitely a you you in high spirits. Nassir to Joe. I mean I've just it just keeps getting from bad worse doesn't There is just as old ask for control. We company do anything we have to sort of hate for the best and I mean there are things we can do. We can follow advice and stay inside of course but yeah. I would give anything right now just to have. Tennis is a poker it like whoever it is I will. I will accept the crappiest final in Tennessee straight. Means we have lives for again right. I find it quite funny. Actually because even though we no life tennis to kind of talk over there still seems to be actually more tennis news to actually To actually catch up because you know we still had a lot of information. Come at us from the tennis world. some some more surprising than others. And obviously we'll get onto that. Let's just give our listeners on ourselves. Actually a pair of the of the lay of the landscape at the moment the Toys R. Off Indefinitely Think. Officially at the moment they've been suspended to the seventh of June which is basically ruled out. Oh Clay Court tennis. So we've had all the tournaments in Madrid Rome Strasbourg Rats Munich astro Geneva Leon who whites from the calendar ranking points have been frozen as well so yeah we've got no. I got life headed to come to full with T. But when this was kind of announced I think the big the big talker boy it just the state the announcement was the that the ATP at W. Ta said now is the time to act unilaterally. Kim But in unison. Yeah so I mean they overeat out what they said. And I'll see if our listeners can notice what's missing so auden all decisions related to the impact of the creative. Irs Require Consultation and review with the stakeholders in the game view that is shared by ATP WPA the ANC tennis Australia and the USDA. So Joe. What's missing from US announcement. I think that I think maybe the French tennis federation a missing. I I have no idea why that is the case. They could have been because they went compete. Ray who can just reschedule tournament at the top of a heart without telling anyone our consulting anyone involved in which is going to be a might have something to do with it. I think I've eaten. What bold move. I mean understand that they obviously won't let on to happen at some point and is obviously wasn't going to really happen you know saying it's the it's the next. Grand Slam in the calendar but the decision they took was just so so rash and they've moved to the most awkward position arguably in the calendar. You know just all for the USA. But I think there's about six days in between the end of the US Open. Stop the French Open. This is all hypothetical oversee. None of this may happen and from what I've read from some circles. It's unlikely that we'll probably have any tennis the rest of the year. I don't know I mean. I'm hoping that's not the case. Obviously but all of the kind of ramifications. Ooh Who's GonNa play what what's going to happen like might be null and void because they might white everything a. Let's let's say hypothetically that it does. Let's say the French will go ahead in September? I think the dates they have said at the moment it will take place is September twentieth to the Fourth of October. First of all clay-court Teddy's at that time. That's not going to be fun is it? Yeah it's going to be very cold. I mean even wrote on Garza's on end of May beginning of genie's they can have some terrible weather and to be fed they do have the reef but also there wouldn't be any legal tournaments in in-involved say people would be coming in like fresh off the hard courts Without any practice unless they choose to focus just on the clay and took themselves off to some challenger events or futures the because I think those things they could probably arrange you know in advance kind of place at the time to kind of set them out for like practice. I think they're easier to kind of just put on a shorter natives. But it's just yeah. I mean what you do for example if you're if you're a rapper. He's defending the US. Open defending the French shape in this year. Does he just play both and hope he can defend both? Does he pick one over the other. It's just the strangest decision and we've never seen this happened before but it's is just I mean. Would that be the most remarkable achievement if someone one base of as black tobacco? We've talked about someone winning the French Open and Wimbledon boxy. There's still a gap of several weeks between those two but and that's obviously not being done an awful lot so this would be some fate if it was a chief. Yeah I mean certainly. I think it's still by the the PA. The calendar is obese. Like a back to back grand slams. We've got the sunshine double. It did well by. Abby is you've got the I coined it on twitter at the the flushing guerrillas days It's certainly that that would be a challenge for I mean for a lot of players especially for someone like Nidal. He is the defending champion in both of them. Both events would be taken enormous toll on the body. And you know we've seen you know the big three that approach to the season to take kind of a stripped back approach pick and choose events and it does it does bring up the question of you know if that does go ahead and you have back to back Grand Slams. Is it possible to debate for which you have to watch? You have to be really refocused and just say I'm going to do one or the other and you think that potentially from the Dow I would just focus on on the French Open as it would pay me to say given defended the US Open champion. Ba Yeah it feels like just focus on on one. I mean he would be the history again at the friendship going. Thirteen to add. It would be great if he could win at different times of the year when the conditions that may be different because that would just I guess ultimately proved that Hey I am totally trae anytime of the year. I will be there at the top so you'd have to think he would go for the French over the US. But I mean another thing. Is that depending on. When or if the season comes back like players will have had a long spell of time. You know in competition say they might be much fresher healthier and injury free so it might not matter too much in terms of the toll on their bodies as if this is happening at the end of animals is not that we would see this kind of contrast normally it might be the impact might be lessened somewhat because of that. But I mean who say. We haven't mentioned that it will say clashes with the Labor cop which is technically an exhibition right. It's not like a proper event but basically all the top names you know have signed up and committed to playing and all the tickets have been sold. Yeah sold out. It's being held in Boston. Which is I guess. A logical place to for them to get off the Apron said exhibition senior team world. Lovely what will I mean tires on surely going to pick that over the friendship? And but it's

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