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In a critical metals medical


Accumulating critical supplies amid the outbreak of coronavirus in an effort to profit off of them and so I guess this probably is not going to extend to stores and such that Jack up the price of toilet paper a little bit I really don't know as a matter of fact they haven't even yet identified those items and materials that they consider to be critical do you guys want some good news and some bad news next good news first what's your good news how about this in Dallas County the age restriction for testing has been lifted so you no longer have to be of the older generation to go get tested anyone with the right symptoms can go yeah you know I get it but go ahead of me no I I gotta tell ya I got I was concerned it was yesterday because I started running a little fever ninety nine point four so I call my doctor but you know what I have a sinus thing going on okay and that's what it is but he was going to get retested so I guess they changed the restrictions in Dallas from eight AM to eight PM now you have to have a temperature of ninety nine point six or higher a cough shortness of breath and they're doing the testing at American Airlines center the parking lot he and Ellis Davis field house on south Polk street you feel better today

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In a critical metals medical

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All right thank you very much Terry

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And Amy Schade rock good morning

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