Kyle Shanahan Says Brandon Aiyuk Was 49ers' Top-Rated WR in 2020 NFL Draft


The Niners top brass delighted with the first round picks in the NFL draft on Thursday night taking six five three hundred twenty five pound offensive tackle Joe bond Kinlaw of South Carolina number fourteen and five eleven two hundred pound wide receiver Brandin Ioke of Arizona state at number twenty five sure Kyle Shanahan in fact said that Iraq was his top rated wide receiver all along ahead of Oklahoma's CeeDee lamb said he loves hi ox combination of athleticism speed and toughness caught sixty five passes last season at A. S. U. eleven hundred ninety two yards and eight touchdowns averaging eighteen and a half yard to catch he averaged thirty two yards a kick returned sixteen yards a punt return grew up in Reno was a Niners fan even posting an adorable photo on Twitter of himself after the first round at age four wearing a niner sweatshirt has an eighty one inch wingspan the longest of any player six feet or under in combine history Niners beat writer cam Inman with the bay area news group and a regular contributor to our sister station ninety five seven the game thought the Niners would take Alabama's Henry Ruggs the third with their first pick raiders took a number twelve as it turned out but again after what Shanahan said the Niners apparently were targeting I up all along

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